Jonah’s Mission Blessing

Jonah David Jensen, by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood and in the name of Jesus Christ, we lay our hands on your head and give unto you a father’s blessing to send you on your mission and prepare you for the great and glorious times that you have ahead of you.

Jonah, you are Heavenly Father’s son before you are the son of your earthly father and He is the one who has called you to serve this mission. He is the one that will be with you and strengthen you in all of your times of need. He will be the one to rejoice with you in all your times of rejoicing. Because you are his child and He has called you to this great work, he will magnify you, and he will bless you, and comfort you throughout your mission. He has great confidence in you and in your abilities. He knows the thoughts and feelings of your heart. He knows about your testimony and your faith. He knows about your weaknesses and your shortcomings and the things that you wrestle with. And as you turn to him in prayer, he will honor the words of thy prayer and give unto thee the things that your heart desires because of his love for you and because you are his son.

I bless you now on your mission that you will receive the Holy Ghost in your mind and heart and that He will bring to your remembrance all of the teachings you have received throughout your childhood and youth and in your adulthood that will be useful for you to share with those you are called upon to teach. I bless you to remember that it is your faith and testimony and the light in you that will be a beacon to those you are called to teach. I bless you with humility, that you will be patient and humble in your teaching and that you will understand and be able to see the concerns that people have.

I bless you with wisdom that though you are yet only of 18 years, you will be inspired to teach those and give words of counsel and wisdom to adults and people who are many years your senior because you have been blessed throughout your life to have a knowledge of the Gospel.

I bless you with the spirit of leadership that you will look for the opportunities to take the leadership with your companions and with your zone; that you will do so in humility. I bless you to look for the good in other people, especially those you are serving with. As we all know, everyone is encumbered with many faults and sins and character flaws that can cause problems in social circumstances. And that you will understand that these things are temporary and it will be resolved through the power of the atonement. But for now you will overlook them and you will see in every person who you serve with and who you serve that they are Heavenly Father’s son or daughter and He loves them as much as he loves you and he want’s for them what is best. And because you are able to see these things in other people, you will grow in love for them and you will have the greatest blessing that I know of which is to feel Heavenly Father’s love for his children come through you.

I bless you that your faith may be strengthened on a daily basis and that the truths of the Gospel and the doctrines of the Kingdom will be unfolded to your view in ways that you never imagined possible. For the promise from our Father to us is that the mysteries of the kingdom will be unfolded and eye hath not seen neither hath ear heard nor hath entered into the heart of man those great and glorious things that our Father hath prepared for those who love him.

And I bless you, Jonah, that you will fall in love with the people in your mission and with your mission itself as you let the experience come into your heart, do not resist the goodness and the power and the peace that will come to you that your life will be filled, and your mind and heart will be filled, and you will have the greatest experience that you can imagine, and even greater than you can imagine.

Jonah, always know that your family loves you and is so proud of you because of your faith. Know that we are constantly thinking about you and praying for you and are proud of you. Know that it is OK to focus solely on the work of your mission and forget about us for a time as we will be blessed significantly and in ways that we can’t imagine through your service. Focus on the work. Remember Lot’s wife, how she turned back to Sodom and Gomorrah , and how she was turned to a pillar of salt. And look not back to the things you have left behind you on your mission. But look forward to the work before you; to the field which is white and ready for harvest. And thrust in your sickle with all your might and you will be laden with sheaths and those who are seeking to return to our Father in Heaven.

This blessing, along with many other blessings and gifts which our Father hath for you which will be made manifest to you in the coming days and months I bless you with and I do so humble in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Jonah Blessing Mom

Susan Marya Jensen, by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood, I bless that in this time of trial as I leave on my two year mission that you will be able to feel peace in your heart whenever you think about me and think about the things that I am doing. We bless you that you will be able to feel the spirit strongly throughtout these next two years and that you will be able to know the things that you might need to tell the family when the time arises of sadness or crisis. I bless you that you will stay strong in the faith and be a great leader amongst this family. And I bless you that the family will follow your direction and that they will understand why we are doing the things that we do. I leave this blessing upon your head in the name of Jesus Christ.

Jonah Blessing Dad

Dad: This might be the second blessing I’ve had in my life.

James David Jensen, by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek priesthood, I lay my hands upon your head and give you a blessing that you will also be able to feel the spirit strongly and know what to do to guide and direct the home and that you and Mom will be able to decide on all the wonderful things that you can do to help this home become a home of true happiness and filled with the spirit. We bless you that you will be able to do magnificently in your calling and because of it it will bring blessings to this family. And we bless you that as you guide and direct this family by the spirit, you will know all the things to speak unto us and we bless you that you will be a wonderful influence to everyone, not just in this family, but everyone that you meet. And we bless you that you will feel solace during this time as I leave for two years and our communications will be limited. We bless you that you will be able to feel the love Jesus Christ and that you will be able to know how much he cares for you. And we leave this blessing upon you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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