My First Mission Mail

Holy crap, what a long week. Everyone did say I had to make it until Sunday, so I did, but I seriously can’t express how long the first four days were. I’m not even exaggerating when it feels like I’ve been here in the Missionary Training Center a couple months–it’s been awful to be completely honest. It’s been awesome getting to know my district and all that stuff, but I cannot express how dull this MTC experience has been. They’ve just been drilling stuff into our heads. It’s no surprise to me that missionaries know the Gospel of Jesus Christ so well. I’ve been waiting for the day to check my emails since the second I stepped out of the car on Wednesday. I miss every single one of you so much. I hope you guys are getting along without me.

So I leave to Rancho Cucamonga on Tuesday at 1:00 PM I believe. I’m pretty excited, but mostly just ready to get out of this place really. I want to meet my first real companion and see how well he and I get along.
The week has been pretty spiritual for most, if not all of my district. One person has changed so much from being a shy, introverted, depressed Elder who missed his girlfriend immensely to a completely wonderful and amazing missionary through a few experiences with the spirit that touched his heart pretty deeply. I’ve really gotten to see the converting power of the Holy Ghost in large amounts here at the MTC. That still doesn’t change how much I wish I were out in the mission field though. It still really sucks here, but I’m dealing with it.
I’m surprised at how little the new change of clothing has bothered me. I expected that to be the biggest issue for my adjusting, but that was not the case at all. I’m doing pretty well off with that. I got a cold, which surprised me–especially with the ferocity that it came in on me because of how long it has been since I’ve gotten a sickness of this magnitude.
I’ve decided in order to keep up my drawing skills to take a moment from my day that I liked and draw it after writing about it in my journal, so that’s fun I guess. I may or may not send some things home–we’ll see.
Anyway, not that much to talk about since I’m still in the MTC. I hope to have more adventures in the mission field that I can let you all know about, but I probably won’t be sending out the regular old mission emails where you just talk about your investigator’s progress unless it’s something monumental and significant, because that can get boring. I will say when I’ve gotten new investigators and things like that though, so there’s that.
Anyway, thank you guys for all your emails and everything, and thanks Mom and Dad for the mail and for the special emails and stuff. It does make it easier on my time, though, if you can try to send everything you have to say in one letter if you can. But if you can, that would be more appreciated.
Just one message to Joel . . . a mission is hard, man. I want you to understand that if you go on a mission, the first few days will be grueling, and you will miss home–but I also want you to not follow in the footsteps of Bryce and Tadj with them not going on missions and practically leaving the church (or at least what it seems like to me). I just want you to know that you really should go on a mission. It’s very important, and it will change you spiritually in amazing ways you can’t imagine.
Sincerely, Elder Jensen

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