September 8th Email. He Has Arrived!

So I don’t really have time to reply too much, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve made it to Rancho Cucamonga safe and sound and all that. It’s definitely hot here, and I don’t have much fresh clothes, so I really hope that they give us some time to wash clothes and stuff, but we’ll see. I’m guessing p-days are on Monday though, and my last p-day was on Wednesday, so that’s the issue here.

I’m excited to meet my new companion and get into the mission life and all that stuff, which should happen soon.
God really knew where to send me–here in my mission, we have mountains all around us, just like Utah. It’s really nice and pretty.
If I get to work in Big Bear, I think I may just cry tears of joy.
That’s all I have time for. I’ll try to send another email on p-day, and I hope to get around to replying to some of your individual emails.

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