The First Week

Wow, it has felt like forever since I’ve gotten to talk to people. I feel like I should try to keep things short in these big letters so I have more time for 1 on 1 things, but I’ll see what I can do.

Elder Fallabella of the 70 came and talked to us, which was pretty cool. He gave us some pretty insane challenges, one of which was to make sure an investigator was always attending sacrament meeting every week, which sparked a fire underneath President Hobbs’ feet and he decided to challenge us to have members present at every lesson we teach and to also invite investigators to every member dinner we have.
That . . . is a little hard seeing as we have no investigators. . . . Everyone either thinks we’re Jehova’s Witnesses so they go bolting away or they straight up just don’t want to hear what we have to say. I’ve yet to get a door slammed in my face, luckily, unless you count the people politely going like, “No thanks, I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care,” to literally everything you say, even if it’s just a “Hi, how are you?”
But yeah, we’ve been doing mostly just tracting. . . . It’s been really dull. Nobody opens their doors to us because everyone has peepholes and stuff to look through, and there’s only one person we’ve caught at the park and stuff who I think just might maybe if the circumstances are perfect call us back. We gave them some BoM’s and such, and one when we said to read it a bit and call us said, “Yeah, definitely.” Doesn’t mean he’ll read it though.
However, there are some . . . well there’s 1 recent convert who is really awesome. His name is Dameyune, he’s 17, he’s a black belt in karate, and he seems to really be into the gospel. I told him to make sure to doubt his doubts before he doubts his faith. I’m really excited–if we can, we might get to watch general conference with him, which would be really awesome. It would be his first GC, and I know he’d just love it. I hope we get some new investigators by then who can join with us in watching that.
But yeah . . . sadly, there’s not much to talk about. Nothing has really happened.
I guess I’ll tell you about my mission in general. It’s a bike and car mission, but Amazon broke the bike a little bit in the shipping–not too bad, but it may get annoying–and as well as that, we can’t install the left brake because we’re not smart and we also don’t know how to fix the handlebars. Hopefully we can get that working so we can start biking–especially because we only get 500 miles per month for the car, and the guys before us used, like, 100 or 200 in 8 days. Our apartment is okay. They left it a mess, but we got it cleaned up and stuff.
My companion is really nice. We get along really well and we laugh a lot and stuff, and he teaches me how to do things pretty well. I don’t understand the point of the 12 week thing that they give us, because I don’t see how it would be helpful. It’s supposed to help us adjust, but . . . no.
Urg, this is stressful. These stupid library computers limit you to 1 hour. I wish I could at least answer all the questions being asked. I don’t have an iPad yet. I should get one at least before I leave. I don’t know.
And to my siblings. I just want to thank you guys for your short little messages. Joel, you can get a date to homecoming. Don’t even worry about it. Just ask a girl, and there’s no way she’ll say no. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well in school. The weather is consistently above 100 each day, so I guess that’s cool. I would literally die if I had to wear a suit here.
Sariah . . . California is a trashy state. But I love you too.
To Mom, that’s quite a lot that you’ve typed. I can’t reply to all that. I try to reply to your guys’ questions in this big email, but it’s hard to read that all and reply with such a short time. No, I can’t take pictures. I don’t have the proper plug yet. First p-day still hahah. I wish I could.
Jonah's Apartment Complex
13520 3rd Street Apt #1003, Victorville, California is our apartment. If you guys can send me a piece of mail with my name labeled on it, that would be much appreciated so that I can get an actual Victorville library card.
Tell Austin Biesele thanks for caring enough to send that. That’s really nice of him.
To Dad, that’s a lot of stuff. Again, not much I can reply about. Thank you and Mom for those spiritual thoughts–they were nice. That’s really sad to hear about Peyton. . . . There’s a girl in our mission who had three companions leave, one after the other after the other. That’s sad stuff to hear. He didn’t follow the advice of make it to Sunday?
Oh by the way, I’m living in the ghettos of the mission, so that’s fun.
Elder Jensen out.

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