Gmail Stinks

I can hardly attach any pictures. I’ll probably have to send any pictures I want to send in a different message unfortunately. We’ll see how that goes. I have so many I want to send though. Oh well, I guess.

Actually, I think I’ll send my week based through the pictures in my journal that I’m deciding to send home.
DSCN0085 DSCN0086
So the first picture is about capture the flag. If there’s any game that I love, but can really infuriate me, it’s capture the flag. On Monday, we had p-day obviously, and we had a zone activity. So we played some games. One of them was dodgeball, which I was more or less okay at. Unfortunately, I forgot my exercise shoes, so I played in my dress shoes. It was a little slippery on the gym floor. After that, we played some capture the flag. Their entire team was cheating–and the highlight of said cheating was when I tagged someone, he claimed he was on his side so he kept running, then his teammate finally told him he wasn’t on his side, so he took one short step back toward me and stayed there. I told him to go back the twenty feet he had stolen, but he didn’t. Then his teammate said to come back to the other side of the street, so I did, and his teammate just tagged him and ran off. That bothered me quite a bit. Plus, running is a bit hard in dress shoes.

Other than that, the week was pretty dull. We hadn’t been very fortunate for the majority of the week. Sure, I haven’t gotten the door slammed in my face literally, but they do it–no matter how polite they make it.
The third picture is just about my exercising time. It’s consisted a lot of just daydreaming because it’s excruciatingly boring. The computer is deciding not to give me time, so that’s pissing me off. I guess I only get an hour today. Don’t have time to say much than. Cool.
I got a baptism date set up for the 24th, so that was really awesome. Again, can’t say anything else. Thanks library–there are only 4 other open computers.
So at our apartments, we have some computers. At least one of them works better than the other two, and I’m using that one. I hope the other two will work for my companion. That would be good. So far so good. So yeah, I’ll elaborate more. No pictures this time. They are annoying. I’ll send them alone.
So Monday was p-day. I told you about that. We nearly reached our limit for the weeks expenses, but barely didn’t so that’s good. Sort of. It was a lot cheaper this week. We’ve still got about 30 dollars to spare for the week.
Tuesday was a Zone Meeting. Inexplicably boring.
Wednesday was not much better at all. At least I got my bike fixed the day before, but biking up here in the high desert is not fun. The reason we decided to ride bikes was because the Elders before us used 200 of our 500 monthly miles in 6 days. That was nice of them. We’ve eventually just decided to throw that to the wind and just drive whenever we need to. We bike in areas nearby, but anywhere far away, we drive.
Thursday, the only highlight of that day was the dream I had that morning involving a fantastical battle between a mix of Kayron and me–if that makes any sense–and some giant phoenix-dragon-thing. That’s what sparked daydreams and rekindled my ideas for my story. This two years may be the best for my book than any amount of sitting around and thinking with an empty page in front of me. I’ve gotten so many ideas.
Boy these apartment computers are so much nicer than anything else.
So on Friday we had to go in for an oil change. We took the car in and went to Weinerschnitzel for lunch. I got some chili cheese fries to see how they tasted. The first fry was awesome. The rest made me want to throw up. Don’t go to that restaraunt. If you like that restaraunt . . . I’m sorry. After we got back from that, we were told they had to change two wheels on the car, so that would be a few more hours, so that was really awesome. However, while waiting at Pepboys, someone asked us about our church, so we started to teach them. They seemed interested at first, and we even gathered an audience. There was a guy from San Fransisco, a guy who believed every instance of God or angels was an extra-terrestrial, a woman and her kids and another guy and his kids. The San-Fran and the guy+kids seemed genuinely interested, but guy+kids had to leave pretty soon, and every 3 seconds, ET man would butt in and say something about aliens. Woman+kids was a bit more of a bible basher. She didn’t really know her stuff either. She quoted the “two or three witnesses” thing and said the Book of Mormon didn’t ahve them, so I showed the testimony of the 3 and 8 and such. She also was like, “Jesus said, ‘It is finished’ on the cross, so clearly his work was finished, and there was no need for the Book of Mormon or modern revelation.” She didn’t know “it is finished” meant that the atonement was finished, and I was going to show her 2 Nephi 39:3, but she left too soon. I also wanted the same God yesterday today and forever thing, but I didn ‘t know where to find it.
San-Fran guy turned slowly into an unimportant-question asker, so all in all, we really only planted some seeds.
Freaking ET guy. . . .
On Sunday . . . we set a baptismal date, as I said. That was really awesome. I mean, everything leading up to that point was not done by me or my companion, but I guess we finished it off. We were off of the topic of baptism for a while thanks half to the member we brought with us, and half to the questions that they asked, but eventually one thing was said, which I was able to link to the conference talk that spoke about how Jesus would be begging us to follow him, not just checking things off a list that we did or didn’t do, and then I linked that into the baptismal invitation. It was good. October 24th. I’m going to be very sad if I get transferred before that date, but it is plausible.
Anyway, thanks everyone for listening.
Elder Jensen out.’
That’s a lot of cool stuff, Dad. Emma is definitely an awesome woman.
Yeah, I’m really excited for general conference out here. I wonder what it’s going to be like. There’s a recent convert that I’d love to join in GC with, but I don’t know if I’ll really get to. It should be an awesome GC this year though.
Okay, Q and A for Mom.
My companion is from Kearns, he’s been out 21 months, and we’ve had a few opportunities to teach. Not a ton though, sadly.
It’s not hard getting used to being away from home and stuff, but it’s still kinda hard and stuff.
I am getting a chance to exercise, but I don’t think I’ll be doing anything on the eliptical stuff if we’re biking that day.
I’ve been doing alright. Again, it was hard until I set that baptismal date. We’re now meeting with them three times a week. I’m feeling alright now.
We eat with members plenty. Almost every night.
That’s awesome that Joel did that. Doesn’t surprise me honestly though, as in that Joel asked her, but probably don’t tell him that. Or do. I don’t really care I guess.
Yeah, that’s really unfortunate that you haven’t gotten the suncrest house sold yet. . . . I’ll get it in my prayers. And I bought an SD card at the MTC.
That’s good that Anna has been doing better; I hope she can keep that up. I’m glad to hear that everythings alright.
And boy, that really sucks to hear about the car. . . .
Oh, before I forget, can you guys send me maybe a video of Dash? I wanna see how he’s doing, haha. Don’t bother with saying anything, I won’t have sound on, but it would be nice. Or even just a picture of him. That would be much appreciated. Seeing all these dogs out here really makes me miss him.
DSCN0020 DSCN0025
So the first one is me and my MTC companion who I kind of didn’t like that much but oh well. The second one is just of a weirdo.
DSCN0030 DSCN0045
I just like the first one. I think it’s funny. That’s Elder Castleton. He was one of my best friends in the MTC I’d say. He was pretty great. The second one is my nametag for my dad.
Oh yeah, the one of me and my companion was taken by an elderly couple who didn’t have a steady hand, hahaha.
The first on here is my experience with the chili cheese fries, and then my second is an experience with my first night up in the high desert where it flooded two feet almst everywhere. That was interesting.

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