Hey Desert Rat!

It’s Cherrel and Bree, they’re both African-American, one is in her fifties though she looks like she’s as old as her 22 year old daughter. I’m not entirely sure why they’re investigating–they have been for two years.
Yeah, that’s weird. 3 apostles in 6 months. It’s definitely interesting to think about the line up of apostles and prophets and what God has in mind. . . .
That’s definitely really interesting stuff to hear about the house. I’m also willing to bet that that’s the reason it hasn’t sold. That’s pretty unfortunate to hear about her. I hope things go well for her. . . .
I like that story. That’s cool. It’s too bad Abby had to go through that, but at least she knows better now how to recognize the spirit; that’s always really important.
I didn’t know that the email addresses were sending things to actual people, so I fixed it.

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