Ups and Downs

It’s another week down. I don’t know how the progression of time goes out here in the field.
Monday was just p-day. Not really much to say there, truthfully.
Tuesday we had a district meeting which was okay I guess. We basically discussed how we could grow closer as a district, and elected to send out miracle texts or something that are basically just really cool things that each companionship has done during the week whenever it may happen. We wanted to sign up as clergy in the hospital, but when we gave the head person a call, they said that it was some kind of 8 week training program in order to do that, and . . . yeah, no. They even said that we weren’t allowed to talk about anything that isn’t common in basically every religion, so that wasn’t something we were up for. We also visited a family who had apparently been trying to contact the bishop for a while because the wife has 6 months left to live. . . . Kind of scary.
Wednesday we visited that family again (only the husband was an–inactive–member) and started to teach. Then, the mother of the wife walked in and sat down because she was like, “Oooh, I love talking about this stuff.” She felt the spirit really quickly and asked us how she could join our church. We want to set a baptism date for her, but she needs to come to sacrament three times, so we’ll have to push it back since she didn’t come this Sunday. We also met with Cherrel and Bree again, the two women who have a baptismal date that I mentioned, and they’re pretty excited to get baptized. We figured out the issue of them attending sacrament, and they’ll both be getting baptized on the 24th. It should be awesome.
Thursday we originally had plans, but taking care of my sickness took a bit of precedence. Sadly, I still have it though. My cough is getting pretty bad. I’ll have to let the nurse know. Every time I cough as well, my permanent retainer which is very slightly broken cuts into my tongue. I’ve started to learn strategies to prevent that though. We also met a guy who seemed pretty interested in at least talking with us. He believed in 7 senses which is kind of weird, but he seems pretty cool. He has a few similar beliefs as us, which is good.
Friday we tried to meet with the guy again, but some strange Mexican who maybe works there or something shoo’d us away with his not just broken, but entirely shattered and nuclear melted English. That has happened most of the times we’ve tried to meet with this guy. I tried to get away one of the times before he could come out and start attacking us with the three words that he knew, but Elder Lee was too busy petting the overly nice dog that they have, and we couldn’t make it.
Saturday we spent a lot of time just doing nothing important all the way up until dinner. We met with some people, probably planted some seeds, but nothing much else. After dinner though, we met with a recent convert, and he had us teach his friend. The kid seemed to be pretty interested. His biggest question was “What happens to the people in places like India who didn’t get to hear the gospel?”
Flawless question. He was clearly meant to be meeting with us.
Sunday was okay. Church was pretty nice. We had Bree and the kid named Mansel with us, and I think they enjoyed it. We met with Bree after church at 7 and she said she heard some things that were specifically applicable to her. I didn’t really feel the Holy Spirit too much outside of church though–I was even kind of stumbling over some of my words in our two lessons. It was a little embarrassing. One of our appointments with a recent convert/less active, her husband was in the background playing Battlefield 4, swearing and t-bagging.
Well, that’s my week in a nutshell! A big nutshell.
Hopefully I get used to having the amount of time I have. Sometimes I’m so busy worrying about the time I have emailing that I email even less than I wish I could.
Elder Jensen out.

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