It’s a Monday

Yep, it’s a Monday again. Let’s get down to it.
Monday of last week:
We finally got to relax for once. We had everything else done, so we just relaxed. I worked a little bit more on lore and things like that. Not much else really happened. We’ve begun to realize that Brother Bowen is not the greatest Ward Mission Leader.
I was blessed with more daydreams while exercising, so that’s good.
Some random people who weren’t members of the church wanted to pay for our lunch, but didn’t arrive at Taco Bell in time to, so they gave us $20 and walked off. . . . That was really nice of them, but for everyone else’s information, missionaries aren’t supposed to accept any money from anyone.
After that, we bulletproofed my bike tires. It was expensive, but not as expensive as buying a patch kit every three days. While fixing it, however, we experienced a geyser of True Goo. It ruined the carpet a bit. Either that, or us cleaning that part of the carpet left a spot of cleanliness in the midst of the dirt-stricken carpet, because there’s a weird light spot where we cleaned.
Then we ate some good Mexican. Not quite La Fuente, but still pretty good.
We had a lesson where the Bishop accompanied us, and that went well. Afterward, he took us to a new move in’s home, where we met her, the member, and her non-member husband. Dawn and Marc. Dawn has quite a lot of health issues, sadly, and Marc is awesome, but trying to find a job. We hope things go well for them.
A long day. Jesse ended up getting an interview for a job, which we think he got. That’s awesome, in our opinion. We hope things work out for him–he’s got a lot of potential.
Apparently one of the families we taught–or at least the husband–feels that we’re pushing him to go to church too much. He’s a bit angry.
We had to ride up to Old Town, and I had a large print, triple-combination in my bag. That sucked a bit.
We didn’t end up getting to see any of our appointments. While up in Old Town, some guy came walking at us as we were about to bike away, screaming profanities. Stuff along the lines of: “Get the bleep off my street, you Jehova’s Witnesses! That’s right! Get your bleeping bikes and ride away! I am the devil you motherbleep! Wearing helmets on your bikes?”
I think it would’ve been hilarious if he WAS Satan, because then we could just say, “In the name of Jesus Christ, we command you to depart,” and he would have been forced to leave. Unfortunately, he was a person with free agency, so that’s probably not the best solution. I mean, definitely we weren’t worried. God does protect us. I know that for sure.
Lots of door to door this day. The only guy who let us in was a Jehova’s Witness who was reading from their edited Bible, which I simply cannot respect, and he was probably trying to convert us. It was . . . silly. We tried to find common ground to just discuss happily about gospels, but he wasn’t into that. Kept changing the subject. I really do wish I knew the Bible better though.
Got some more doors slammed in my face.
The Carsey family accompanied us to a lesson. Sister Carsey did awesome, but Brother Carsey didn’t seem to want to be there. He was the one keeping their kid on silence though, so that’s definitely nice of him. They’re an awesome family though. Cherelle and Bre were interviewed for baptism this lesson though, and they’re both ready. It will hopefully be this Saturday! They’ll have to be baptized and confirmed on the same day though, because the next day is Stake Conference and the following week, Cherelle is going to the hospital for whatever reason. . . .
Brother Gonzales got super pissed at us. It was really weird.
However, because of that, we visited a nice girl named Summer. We had a really good discussion and she definitely has a positive opinion on the missionaries now. She said she’ll read the Book of Mormon, and if she thinks it’s from God, she’ll give us a call or a text. She pointed out how she liked that it was called, “Another Testament,” just like how there’s the Old Testament and the New Testament.
Afterward, we saw Alyssa and Victoria on the Gonzales’ porch. That made him a bit angrier I think. Either way though, they got to read scriptures with us and we were able to build their faith in Jesus Christ.
We ate at Apollo’s again. That was pretty tasty. They have some good onion rings. Really expensive though. We met a guy named Semai who seemed . . . I don’t know . . . interested? Hard to say.
Elder Lee taught Dameyune and I how to tie a Half-Windsor or whatever, so that definitely helps. Now I don’t have an obtuse triangle for my tie.
Sundays are always good. We get to relax a bit more. Marc came to church (as well as Brother Gonzales and his wife, but they both left early) and he is totally ready for baptism. We just need to refresh him on the lessons.
A lot of waiting for a text or call from Jesse so we could meet with him. Didn’t get anything. That’s half of the life of a missionary.
Sister Hamilton, a very forthright African-American who is funny in her own special way, gave me the hug that my mother asked her to give me. I didn’t deny her it because it was technically from my mother, but it’s against mission rules to hug people of the opposite sex. Hahah, keep that in mind in the future, Mom.
Well, that’s about it. So sorry all my emails are so long. Maybe I should just start doing highlights. I don’t know. I mean, you people have lives and things to do. Oh well. Have a good week.
Elder Jensen out.
Just having a party.
Baptismal-Interview Glasses-Wearing Fiasco, Episode 1
Co-Starring Elder Infanger and Elder Thelander, with some redneck in the background.
I’m the eldest Elder
The nachos Bree made for us. Elder Lee’s look much better than mine did. . . .
The face of Jolly Time.
I don’t know.
A painful selfie in front of the ghettos in Old Town
and a picture of said ghettos.

Back to Normal

Well, regular p-day time. We almost had to go to a transfer meeting, but then they took our car, so that’s a no go. Anyway, onto weekly details.

Everything was cancelled. Yup.
We had to go out to eat twice, and both times I felt unfulfilled. If I recall, I think it was at In-N-Out and Bakers. Bakers is not very tasty in my opinion, and everything is way overpriced. Luckily for me, that day I had done a decent workout, so it probably . . . hopefully didn’t affect me to negatively. The only unique thing was that Elder Lee got to interview someone for baptism. Well, that and we also got to go to the Gonzales’ house. That went decently well. We talked about the Word of Wisdom, and the girls instantly threw away their tea, but the Dad (the member) wasn’t quite ready to give up his cigarettes.
Wednesday was our temple trip. Easily renamed as, “We’ll take your p-day and throw it down the drain”. We speed shopped for two weeks in under thirty minutes and still didn’t have time for anything else. However, the temple was wonderful. It was a small temple, but very beautiful. The endowment ceremony really is something. It was very nice to get to use my own temple clothing! Especially because the hook things are just so much easier than the ties. For once, I wasn’t the last person standing up, trying to figure things out (sorry if you’re not LDS and have no idea what I’m talking about). But yeah, I’m grateful for the temple trip because I was able to ask questions and get answers through the spirit.
We took Brother Cox to a lesson again, and again it stressed me out because the man does not know when to stop talking.
Elder Lee ate an entire Fiesta Pack from Del Taco by himself.
We went parking–otherwise known as walking through the park and talking to people. Two people gave us their number, which were both disconnected or non-existent numbers, and another two were just the kind of people who felt that the research they did on the Internet about the LDS church is more than sufficient than anything that we could possible tell them in twenty minutes or less.
We went to two less-active homes, one of which we were able to commit to coming to church next Sunday. My hopes are not high that she will actually come though. . . . That’s the unfortunate thing.
We made some of Cooper’s cheese dip, for those of you who know what I’m talking about. Figured out that day that the recipe is actually on the back of the Rotel cans, so it’s a little less impressive, but meh. It still tastes just as good.
Weekly planning. Part of that we did at a doughnut shop, but that didn’t help it much. It was a little better though.
The person working there was really bent on convincing us that every single doughnut was the absolute best.
“Which doughnut is the best, in your opinion?” Elder Lee asked.
“They’re all good,” the lady replied.
“Well, which is the freshest?”
“They were all made today.”
Very helpful, lady. Plus, she basically claimed that they were all made at the same time, three hours prior to our visiting.
We finally got to visit Jesse again. He’s definitely got potential, but he’s got some trubs.
A very long day. It was entirely ruined when we received the transfer information that told us they would be taking our car. Let me explain to you the injustice of this:
1. Elder Lee is a district leader. Every district leader has a car.
2. We don’t even live in our own area. We have to bike for about a minute before entering it.
3. We live twenty or thirty miles away from anyone else in our district.
4. Most of our appointments are up in Old Town Victorville, which is a ten minute drive by car.
5. Even President Colley, our Elders Quorum President sees the injustice. He recognized that not only did they take away our car, but we also have a bigger area than the other Elders in the ward, and those guys got to keep their car. Plus, they live significantly closer to everyone else in their district. Granted it’s still a drive, but come on. Who’s idea was this?
Sigh. Oh well. We can make do I guess. At least it’s getting colder up here. Hopefully that will sustain us.
Oh yeah, so it was a long day because we got that notification while we were at Pep Boys for three hours, trying to get a nail out of the tire that we would only be able to use for another thirty-six hours. We had to spend three hours there because they got our order mixed with someone else’s. I guess they feel like they can move slowly with the missionaries or something because they know that the church has a deal with them, and we’re only allowed to go to them for car troubles.
We also had a lesson with Cherelle and Bree, which went somewhat negatively. We spent the whole time trying to fix a DVD player. I’m going to be honest; I can really see Satan doing everything in his power to stop these two wonderful women from joining the church. They’ve been going through quite a lot, and they’re staying super strong. I can already see why Satan would want them to give up.
Sorry for the long day.
I felt like Spongebob this day.
S: “Well, we lost our car again. . . .”
P: “Never mind the car; where’s the road? The road? The road? The road? The r–. . . . Sorry. . . .”
It was the day we lost our very inconsistently-named car (we were constantly changing the name around based on the stereotype of African-American woman names). I also got what I call “Cheerio burps” this day. If you know what I mean by this, more power to you. If you don’t, don’t bother with it. I ended up finishing a drawing, that I think I’m proud of, in church. I’ll probably be sending two actual drawings out today. I guess I also worked on some stuff concerning magic in my book during down time.
Something positive is that Bree really likes to go to church. It makes her happier. It’s interesting, the stories that people tell us about their past experiences with their churches before they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Some of them make me laugh, some complacent, and some scared.
Oh well. Over all, the week was really good. Thanks, everyone for listening. Have a good week!
Elder Jensen out.
P.S. Pictures are on the way.

Just some pictures in front of the apartment. The first is a failed selfie again.


Peanut Butter M&M’s dipped in peanut butter. Every child’s worst nightmare.


The same thing, but a bit more happy. Elder Jensen does endorse this . . .
. . . if you want to be really disappointed.
Elder Lee’s strangely shrunken head. I promise we did not edit this.
This selfie kind of worked. Yes, more bike work in the background.
Happy approved.
Less-happy but still approved.
I have no idea.
It definitely focused on my finger

I guess this was a slightly better selfie. Still working on it.


Cold, hard bacon grease. Also accompanied by cold, hard reality.
Elder Lee’s last log out of the Tiwi in Laquashatamarawesley. That was the name we finally decided on for the car last night while singing our hymns to it in bed.
The desert is fun. Popped both of my tires. We’re going to bullet-proof these things.
Sort of a drawing based around Kayron in my book. Creating a false forest through practicing his control of light energy.
And then a picture of his dragon form flying. This worked a bit better than I had hoped

Only Doing One This Week

Sorry, but we had a temple trip this week, so my p-day was yesterday, and it was essentially just thrown away because of the temple. I loved the temple though! I got some questions answered while in the Celestial room.

It actually rained. We had some deep dish pizza which gave me horrible flashbacks to working at Little Caesar’s. We also planned a bit for our District Meeting training on Tuesday. That’s about it, hahah.
Oh, correction, it was in a Zone Meeting, not a District Meeting. It actually wasn’t as bad as it used to be, but some people said it was their best Zone Meeting ever, so that’s not too comforting. But yeah, I got a ton of undeserved compliments on the training we did, and I don’t like getting compliments most of the time, because I don’t know how to react. Elder Lee compliments me basically every night and I never know what to say. Don’t try to give me guidance on that because it won’t help, I promise.
After the ZM, we got my permanent retainer fixed, which went well. Afterward, we went to the Gonzales home and met Victoria, the daughter. She had a lot of good questions that we could answer. Us missionaries love questions.
After that, we went to the Millan’s. The son is so very antagonistic. He’s never going to let the Spirit into his heart. We shared Uchtdorf’s message from priesthood with him and thought it would work, but of course he called the poor man one-sided and stuff.
I also started an exchange on Tuesday to spend Wednesday doing.
For those of you who don’t know, an exchange is when a ZL or a DL trades companions with a companionship to get to know how the companion is doing. I went with Elder Boltz, and he was pretty nice. We did some service, ate some McDonalds, watched some District, then went out and visited potential investigators. EVERYONE IN HESPARIA IS 1000 TIMES NICER THAN ANYONE IN VICTORVILLE. That’s just a fact. Even someone who seemed to hate us let us into his home and gave us V-8. I had a love hate relationship with that drink. . . . Mostly hate, but a bit of love.
Though I enjoyed the exchange, the idea of another exchange happening on Saturday ruined my mood. As well as that, my companion kind of entered a mentally trunky mood (trunky means you’re ready to go home basically). He tries to make things harder on himself a lot as well. Plus, I’m definitely not the BEST companion. He actually didn’t even write in his journal on Thursday night. We did get to meet with the President that day. That was nice. He’s slowly growing on me. At first, I was afraid of him. I also talked a bit with the Sister Training Leaders, which was a nice paradigm shift-ish thing.
We ended up taking Dameyune, an awesome RC to a lesson with the Millan’s. We had a testimony meeting for the sake of Andy, but it didn’t seem to help. Mine was probably too in depth though, and it convinced people you needed to tell your whole story.
I received news on this day that the exchange would not be happening on Saturday, so that made me happy. I also watched Anthony play a bit of Battlefield again. We decided on that day while there that since they were going to Disney Land pretty soon after we got there, that we would just hang out for a bit. The daughter has finally warmed up to us, so that made us a bit happy.
We also met with Cherelle and Bree again. They learned pretty well, and I was so glad that Brother Cox wasn’t our member present at the lesson. It was a man named Brother Reyes, and he was much better at knowing when to talk and when to not.
I actually got my first door slammed in my face! It made me feel like a true missionary.
Man, “Are you Jehova’s Witnesses?”
Us, “No, we’re from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.”
He then said, “Same thing,” and slammed the door.
It actually did feel kind of nice. It was different.
Anyway, we also went to a place called Apollo’s Burgers with Dameyune. It was really good. I loved it. Afterward, we visited the Cooley family: an RC mom and an LA dad who want to come to church but can’t because they need a ride. They want to be married in the temple!
Fast sunday obviously. Elder Lee kind of offended me when he claimed I wasn’t listening because I was drawing in sacrament. For those of you who don’t know, I pay attention best while drawing. The whole day itself wasn’t the best though. I consistently was feeling rather stupid. To preface, though, I am fine. Don’t worry about it, hahah. It’s just that there’s one Elder in the ward who is not the kindest of gents. He antagonizes me a lot, but I’m significantly smarter than he, so it’s not an issue. On the bright side, though, testimony meeting was awesome! Lots of little kids got up and talked, so that was cute, and an awesome man named Brother McAllister bore his testimony. He’s old and experienced, so he’s pretty awesome. He apparently used to be in a biker gang. It’s weird to think about when you look at him–he’s the nicest guy ever.
Over all, the week was pretty good! I’m out of time now, but I’ll recite my current week next week! Have a good week, everyone.
Elder Jensen out.

Party At the Gas Station

I think conference was really cool. It was definitely interesting having three new apostles. Elder Bednar’s talk about him missing them was really touching. I also really liked President Uchtdorf’s talk for priesthood session. Yeah, it actually got down to 60 yesterday and rained. It was really strange. I can’t say my cough has gotten much better, but I think it might be a little bit better. I’ll think about getting a blessing. Yeah, from what I remember about Maddie, she seemed really nice, and she was pretty too. Is Jacob going with Joel and Will to homecoming? And yeah, Mikaela’s a really nice girl. I think Joel discounts the amount of friends he really could have in that ward. Our investigators are all doing pretty well. I’ll tell more about it in my big email. But we do have yet another song coming out today. Thanks, Dad, for your consistent emails. The bike has long since been fixed.
This week had its ups and downs. More appointments falling through than usual. Let’s start with Tuesday.
Tuesday: we had another district meeting. I guess they’re every Tuesday–it’s either a district or a zone meeting. I’d much rather be doing things for our investigators, but whatever. We went to In-N-Out again this district meeting and got some food there afterwards. It never ceases to amaze me that Elder Lee got two cheeseburgers and I got one, and he still weighs less than me. Totally fair. After that, we contacted people for an hour, then we talked to the mission nurse for twenty minutes in order for her to tell me one thing or so. We made some breaded chicken after patching my bike tire though. I enjoyed that.
Wednesday: As we were locking our bikes up, a man approached us. Said he was a military sniper. He told us how his wife had cheated on him twice, then asked for his forgiveness. He straight up said, “Tell me what you would do in my situation.” I testified boldly to him, saying that he should do all he could to fix it. Then he said he’ll do it because of how boldly I said it. he then told us about how he had prayed for a sign of what to do and saw us, and was like, “Ugh; Mormons? Really, God?” And that’s why he told us all that. Elder Lee Bore a testimony on Jesus Christ and I gave him a Book of Mormon and basically bet my life that it could change his. Again, he said, “If you didn’t say that the way you did, I would’ve given this right back to you.”
The rest of the day was normal. There was a four week meeting which wasn’t too bad, then dinner, then a lesson falling through with Cherell and Bree because of miscommunication.
Thursday: All of our plans had fallen through, so we spent three hours fixing up one of Elder Lee’s bike tires. We recorded it and sung songs as we did, but unfortunately dropbox can only hold one item at a time, so I can’t upload them. Maybe I’ll send the SD card home and my family can upload it somewhere for me. I don’t know. Anyway, we had more plans fall through after, so we went to visit a kid named Meeko who was a convert at age 9 of his own choice. His parents aren’t members, so that’s impressive. Alice, his mom, joined us. She was kind of annoying, but whatever. She’s one of the people who likes to testify at every opportunity to make themselves look like they already know the gospel or something.
Friday: Weekly planning. So dull and long and annoying. Enough said. We met with the Gonzalez family again, the one who the wife has 6 months left to live. He was freaking excited about General Conference. Or he seemed so. He didn’t seem to watch anything except one session. I hope his family learned from it. His wife wants all her kids to get baptized with her. We met with Cherell and Bree again that day, and it kind of went bad. Brother Cox, the fellowshipper, lo-o-o-oves to talk. We hardly got to teach at all. It was unfair. . . . We didn’t even get to teach most of the lesson we wanted.
We met with a less-active family. The mother is really nice and she’s really worried about her son who keeps looking up anti-Mormon stuff. I really hope we can help there.
Saturday: We tried to play tennis, but we had to wait until 7:00 AM before they unlocked the courts. That was annoying. Then we had the first session. I drew a lot during conference, but luckily that helps me focus. Then we had some lunch at the church, following which we went to a RC/LA (recent convert/less-active) member home where she had more lunch that she bought for us. I kind of had to eat so I wasn’t rude. Her husband has issues with the fact that God commanded Nephi to kill Laban (or at least that’s what he claims is his reason he doesn’t like the church. Could be underlying), but she had him watch conference with us and he really liked it. We even came back and watched priesthood with him. Also, Athen, I learned some Battlefield 4 strategies from watching him a bit that we could improve on–or at least, last I played with you.
I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf’s priesthood session talk. He talked about unplugging a spotlight and then blaming the spotlight for not giving any light, like when people leave God’s love and blame God for not loving them.
We went to In-N-Out again after and got a shake. It sparked a new lovely hit single called “Shakes Are Way More Fun than Shooting Guns at People”
Sunday: More General Conference. We watched all the sessions at the church this time. I got to meet Elder Smith, also known as Brony Smith. I know many of you don’t care to hear this, but it was quite relaxing getting to talk to him about My Little Pony. As I spent time with him and the other Elders, it made me realize how much more strict my companion is than is necessary. Like, it’s insane. Anyway, I liked Elder Bednar’s talk where he talked about his experience with the members of the 12 that had passed while in his apostleship. That was a cool talk.
Well, that looks like it’s about all I have to talk about. It’s been an overall pretty decent week. Too much cancelling though. People should stop doing that to us.
Elder Jensen out.
At the email desk on p-day.
Do you see the skeleton on the left? By the way, I’m bad at selfies.
DSCN0115 DSCN0117
Just so you know, these are all failed attempts at selfies by yours truly.
DSCN0118 DSCN0121
One failed and another succeeded.
Yet another failed selfie
The last picture. Us fixing his bulletproof tires. I’ll really have to send those videos back on an SD card and maybe have my family upload them for me somewhere so I can share them.
DSCN0123   DSCN0124
Clearly Elder Lee is better at selfies.

Testifying Boldly

Hey, Bud! It was so great to hear your story about the guy you said was a sniper from last Wednesday. Mom shared that in testimony meeting today and Br. Sheide told me how impressed he was with the story. Let us know if you ever get back to teach the guy. But what a great work you’ve done by giving him the Book of Mormon. He may not read it now, but it will be planted in his mind and he will be forced to read it at some future day because he knows the answers are in there.

I love that you can be bold with the gospel that way. And you were right on telling him that he needed to forgive his wife. That is totally what Jesus would have said. I learned when I was bishop that if you have the Holy Ghost with you, you can pretty much say whatever you want and people won’t get offended. Because you have the spirit and you do it for the love and concern you have for Heavenly Father’s children.

The scriptures have a number of references about using boldness.

On of my favorites is Nephi in 1 Nephi 10. Here’s what he says:

“If ye have sought to do wickedly in the days of your probation, then ye are found unclean before the judgment-seat of God; and no unclean thing can dwell with God; wherefore, ye must be cast off forever. And the Holy Ghost giveth authority that I should speak these things, and deny them not.”

If you do a scripture search on boldness, there’s a lot of good examples like Alma and Amulek:
“And they stood forth to lay their hands on me; but behold, they did not. And I stood with boldness to declare unto them, yea, I did boldly testify unto them.”
Not much to report on the home front. Joel had a great time with Mikaela at homecoming. Sariah won her volleyball games again and her ankle is pretty much healed. Russia is bombing ISIS in Syria and making Obama look more like a feckless leader than he already was. I helped Athen sign up for an Institute class today so he can get out and meet some people his age every Wednesday night at UVU.
I’ll probably be on an airplane to Dallas during your normal email time. I’ve got to go visit our sister company down there. But I will have WiFi on the plane, so if your emails come through, I should be able to see them. So looking forward to it.
I haven’t heard anything from Paul lately, but Garrett sent this picture from Hawaii, which, I don’t think I would be sending if I was on a mission. 🙂
Keep the faith and work hard. A couple more weeks and you’ll be at the 2 month mark! Amazing!
Love, Dad
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 14:50:52 -0700
Subject: Re: Testifying boldly

Yeah, the guy has yet to talk to us since. So that’s kind of unfortunate. Oh well. But yeah, it’s really cool how the spirit works. The only issue is that some people just harden their hearts and take that opportunity to still take offense. An older man, Brother McAllister, brought up the phrase, “take offense” and talked about how it’s our choice to take it. Some may offer it, but it’s our choice to accept it and embrace it or to leave it alone.

That’s good to hear that Joel enjoyed homecoming. That came quick. Always good to hear that Sariah is winning, haha. Doesn’t surprise me that Russia is stepping forward. There’s an awesome Vietnam vet in our ward named Brother Ames, and he loves to insult Obama, hahah. I’m glad that Athen is willing to go to institute. That’s definitely good.