Party At the Gas Station

I think conference was really cool. It was definitely interesting having three new apostles. Elder Bednar’s talk about him missing them was really touching. I also really liked President Uchtdorf’s talk for priesthood session. Yeah, it actually got down to 60 yesterday and rained. It was really strange. I can’t say my cough has gotten much better, but I think it might be a little bit better. I’ll think about getting a blessing. Yeah, from what I remember about Maddie, she seemed really nice, and she was pretty too. Is Jacob going with Joel and Will to homecoming? And yeah, Mikaela’s a really nice girl. I think Joel discounts the amount of friends he really could have in that ward. Our investigators are all doing pretty well. I’ll tell more about it in my big email. But we do have yet another song coming out today. Thanks, Dad, for your consistent emails. The bike has long since been fixed.
This week had its ups and downs. More appointments falling through than usual. Let’s start with Tuesday.
Tuesday: we had another district meeting. I guess they’re every Tuesday–it’s either a district or a zone meeting. I’d much rather be doing things for our investigators, but whatever. We went to In-N-Out again this district meeting and got some food there afterwards. It never ceases to amaze me that Elder Lee got two cheeseburgers and I got one, and he still weighs less than me. Totally fair. After that, we contacted people for an hour, then we talked to the mission nurse for twenty minutes in order for her to tell me one thing or so. We made some breaded chicken after patching my bike tire though. I enjoyed that.
Wednesday: As we were locking our bikes up, a man approached us. Said he was a military sniper. He told us how his wife had cheated on him twice, then asked for his forgiveness. He straight up said, “Tell me what you would do in my situation.” I testified boldly to him, saying that he should do all he could to fix it. Then he said he’ll do it because of how boldly I said it. he then told us about how he had prayed for a sign of what to do and saw us, and was like, “Ugh; Mormons? Really, God?” And that’s why he told us all that. Elder Lee Bore a testimony on Jesus Christ and I gave him a Book of Mormon and basically bet my life that it could change his. Again, he said, “If you didn’t say that the way you did, I would’ve given this right back to you.”
The rest of the day was normal. There was a four week meeting which wasn’t too bad, then dinner, then a lesson falling through with Cherell and Bree because of miscommunication.
Thursday: All of our plans had fallen through, so we spent three hours fixing up one of Elder Lee’s bike tires. We recorded it and sung songs as we did, but unfortunately dropbox can only hold one item at a time, so I can’t upload them. Maybe I’ll send the SD card home and my family can upload it somewhere for me. I don’t know. Anyway, we had more plans fall through after, so we went to visit a kid named Meeko who was a convert at age 9 of his own choice. His parents aren’t members, so that’s impressive. Alice, his mom, joined us. She was kind of annoying, but whatever. She’s one of the people who likes to testify at every opportunity to make themselves look like they already know the gospel or something.
Friday: Weekly planning. So dull and long and annoying. Enough said. We met with the Gonzalez family again, the one who the wife has 6 months left to live. He was freaking excited about General Conference. Or he seemed so. He didn’t seem to watch anything except one session. I hope his family learned from it. His wife wants all her kids to get baptized with her. We met with Cherell and Bree again that day, and it kind of went bad. Brother Cox, the fellowshipper, lo-o-o-oves to talk. We hardly got to teach at all. It was unfair. . . . We didn’t even get to teach most of the lesson we wanted.
We met with a less-active family. The mother is really nice and she’s really worried about her son who keeps looking up anti-Mormon stuff. I really hope we can help there.
Saturday: We tried to play tennis, but we had to wait until 7:00 AM before they unlocked the courts. That was annoying. Then we had the first session. I drew a lot during conference, but luckily that helps me focus. Then we had some lunch at the church, following which we went to a RC/LA (recent convert/less-active) member home where she had more lunch that she bought for us. I kind of had to eat so I wasn’t rude. Her husband has issues with the fact that God commanded Nephi to kill Laban (or at least that’s what he claims is his reason he doesn’t like the church. Could be underlying), but she had him watch conference with us and he really liked it. We even came back and watched priesthood with him. Also, Athen, I learned some Battlefield 4 strategies from watching him a bit that we could improve on–or at least, last I played with you.
I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf’s priesthood session talk. He talked about unplugging a spotlight and then blaming the spotlight for not giving any light, like when people leave God’s love and blame God for not loving them.
We went to In-N-Out again after and got a shake. It sparked a new lovely hit single called “Shakes Are Way More Fun than Shooting Guns at People”
Sunday: More General Conference. We watched all the sessions at the church this time. I got to meet Elder Smith, also known as Brony Smith. I know many of you don’t care to hear this, but it was quite relaxing getting to talk to him about My Little Pony. As I spent time with him and the other Elders, it made me realize how much more strict my companion is than is necessary. Like, it’s insane. Anyway, I liked Elder Bednar’s talk where he talked about his experience with the members of the 12 that had passed while in his apostleship. That was a cool talk.
Well, that looks like it’s about all I have to talk about. It’s been an overall pretty decent week. Too much cancelling though. People should stop doing that to us.
Elder Jensen out.
At the email desk on p-day.
Do you see the skeleton on the left? By the way, I’m bad at selfies.
DSCN0115 DSCN0117
Just so you know, these are all failed attempts at selfies by yours truly.
DSCN0118 DSCN0121
One failed and another succeeded.
Yet another failed selfie
The last picture. Us fixing his bulletproof tires. I’ll really have to send those videos back on an SD card and maybe have my family upload them for me somewhere so I can share them.
DSCN0123   DSCN0124
Clearly Elder Lee is better at selfies.

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