Only Doing One This Week

Sorry, but we had a temple trip this week, so my p-day was yesterday, and it was essentially just thrown away because of the temple. I loved the temple though! I got some questions answered while in the Celestial room.

It actually rained. We had some deep dish pizza which gave me horrible flashbacks to working at Little Caesar’s. We also planned a bit for our District Meeting training on Tuesday. That’s about it, hahah.
Oh, correction, it was in a Zone Meeting, not a District Meeting. It actually wasn’t as bad as it used to be, but some people said it was their best Zone Meeting ever, so that’s not too comforting. But yeah, I got a ton of undeserved compliments on the training we did, and I don’t like getting compliments most of the time, because I don’t know how to react. Elder Lee compliments me basically every night and I never know what to say. Don’t try to give me guidance on that because it won’t help, I promise.
After the ZM, we got my permanent retainer fixed, which went well. Afterward, we went to the Gonzales home and met Victoria, the daughter. She had a lot of good questions that we could answer. Us missionaries love questions.
After that, we went to the Millan’s. The son is so very antagonistic. He’s never going to let the Spirit into his heart. We shared Uchtdorf’s message from priesthood with him and thought it would work, but of course he called the poor man one-sided and stuff.
I also started an exchange on Tuesday to spend Wednesday doing.
For those of you who don’t know, an exchange is when a ZL or a DL trades companions with a companionship to get to know how the companion is doing. I went with Elder Boltz, and he was pretty nice. We did some service, ate some McDonalds, watched some District, then went out and visited potential investigators. EVERYONE IN HESPARIA IS 1000 TIMES NICER THAN ANYONE IN VICTORVILLE. That’s just a fact. Even someone who seemed to hate us let us into his home and gave us V-8. I had a love hate relationship with that drink. . . . Mostly hate, but a bit of love.
Though I enjoyed the exchange, the idea of another exchange happening on Saturday ruined my mood. As well as that, my companion kind of entered a mentally trunky mood (trunky means you’re ready to go home basically). He tries to make things harder on himself a lot as well. Plus, I’m definitely not the BEST companion. He actually didn’t even write in his journal on Thursday night. We did get to meet with the President that day. That was nice. He’s slowly growing on me. At first, I was afraid of him. I also talked a bit with the Sister Training Leaders, which was a nice paradigm shift-ish thing.
We ended up taking Dameyune, an awesome RC to a lesson with the Millan’s. We had a testimony meeting for the sake of Andy, but it didn’t seem to help. Mine was probably too in depth though, and it convinced people you needed to tell your whole story.
I received news on this day that the exchange would not be happening on Saturday, so that made me happy. I also watched Anthony play a bit of Battlefield again. We decided on that day while there that since they were going to Disney Land pretty soon after we got there, that we would just hang out for a bit. The daughter has finally warmed up to us, so that made us a bit happy.
We also met with Cherelle and Bree again. They learned pretty well, and I was so glad that Brother Cox wasn’t our member present at the lesson. It was a man named Brother Reyes, and he was much better at knowing when to talk and when to not.
I actually got my first door slammed in my face! It made me feel like a true missionary.
Man, “Are you Jehova’s Witnesses?”
Us, “No, we’re from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.”
He then said, “Same thing,” and slammed the door.
It actually did feel kind of nice. It was different.
Anyway, we also went to a place called Apollo’s Burgers with Dameyune. It was really good. I loved it. Afterward, we visited the Cooley family: an RC mom and an LA dad who want to come to church but can’t because they need a ride. They want to be married in the temple!
Fast sunday obviously. Elder Lee kind of offended me when he claimed I wasn’t listening because I was drawing in sacrament. For those of you who don’t know, I pay attention best while drawing. The whole day itself wasn’t the best though. I consistently was feeling rather stupid. To preface, though, I am fine. Don’t worry about it, hahah. It’s just that there’s one Elder in the ward who is not the kindest of gents. He antagonizes me a lot, but I’m significantly smarter than he, so it’s not an issue. On the bright side, though, testimony meeting was awesome! Lots of little kids got up and talked, so that was cute, and an awesome man named Brother McAllister bore his testimony. He’s old and experienced, so he’s pretty awesome. He apparently used to be in a biker gang. It’s weird to think about when you look at him–he’s the nicest guy ever.
Over all, the week was pretty good! I’m out of time now, but I’ll recite my current week next week! Have a good week, everyone.
Elder Jensen out.

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