Back to Normal

Well, regular p-day time. We almost had to go to a transfer meeting, but then they took our car, so that’s a no go. Anyway, onto weekly details.

Everything was cancelled. Yup.
We had to go out to eat twice, and both times I felt unfulfilled. If I recall, I think it was at In-N-Out and Bakers. Bakers is not very tasty in my opinion, and everything is way overpriced. Luckily for me, that day I had done a decent workout, so it probably . . . hopefully didn’t affect me to negatively. The only unique thing was that Elder Lee got to interview someone for baptism. Well, that and we also got to go to the Gonzales’ house. That went decently well. We talked about the Word of Wisdom, and the girls instantly threw away their tea, but the Dad (the member) wasn’t quite ready to give up his cigarettes.
Wednesday was our temple trip. Easily renamed as, “We’ll take your p-day and throw it down the drain”. We speed shopped for two weeks in under thirty minutes and still didn’t have time for anything else. However, the temple was wonderful. It was a small temple, but very beautiful. The endowment ceremony really is something. It was very nice to get to use my own temple clothing! Especially because the hook things are just so much easier than the ties. For once, I wasn’t the last person standing up, trying to figure things out (sorry if you’re not LDS and have no idea what I’m talking about). But yeah, I’m grateful for the temple trip because I was able to ask questions and get answers through the spirit.
We took Brother Cox to a lesson again, and again it stressed me out because the man does not know when to stop talking.
Elder Lee ate an entire Fiesta Pack from Del Taco by himself.
We went parking–otherwise known as walking through the park and talking to people. Two people gave us their number, which were both disconnected or non-existent numbers, and another two were just the kind of people who felt that the research they did on the Internet about the LDS church is more than sufficient than anything that we could possible tell them in twenty minutes or less.
We went to two less-active homes, one of which we were able to commit to coming to church next Sunday. My hopes are not high that she will actually come though. . . . That’s the unfortunate thing.
We made some of Cooper’s cheese dip, for those of you who know what I’m talking about. Figured out that day that the recipe is actually on the back of the Rotel cans, so it’s a little less impressive, but meh. It still tastes just as good.
Weekly planning. Part of that we did at a doughnut shop, but that didn’t help it much. It was a little better though.
The person working there was really bent on convincing us that every single doughnut was the absolute best.
“Which doughnut is the best, in your opinion?” Elder Lee asked.
“They’re all good,” the lady replied.
“Well, which is the freshest?”
“They were all made today.”
Very helpful, lady. Plus, she basically claimed that they were all made at the same time, three hours prior to our visiting.
We finally got to visit Jesse again. He’s definitely got potential, but he’s got some trubs.
A very long day. It was entirely ruined when we received the transfer information that told us they would be taking our car. Let me explain to you the injustice of this:
1. Elder Lee is a district leader. Every district leader has a car.
2. We don’t even live in our own area. We have to bike for about a minute before entering it.
3. We live twenty or thirty miles away from anyone else in our district.
4. Most of our appointments are up in Old Town Victorville, which is a ten minute drive by car.
5. Even President Colley, our Elders Quorum President sees the injustice. He recognized that not only did they take away our car, but we also have a bigger area than the other Elders in the ward, and those guys got to keep their car. Plus, they live significantly closer to everyone else in their district. Granted it’s still a drive, but come on. Who’s idea was this?
Sigh. Oh well. We can make do I guess. At least it’s getting colder up here. Hopefully that will sustain us.
Oh yeah, so it was a long day because we got that notification while we were at Pep Boys for three hours, trying to get a nail out of the tire that we would only be able to use for another thirty-six hours. We had to spend three hours there because they got our order mixed with someone else’s. I guess they feel like they can move slowly with the missionaries or something because they know that the church has a deal with them, and we’re only allowed to go to them for car troubles.
We also had a lesson with Cherelle and Bree, which went somewhat negatively. We spent the whole time trying to fix a DVD player. I’m going to be honest; I can really see Satan doing everything in his power to stop these two wonderful women from joining the church. They’ve been going through quite a lot, and they’re staying super strong. I can already see why Satan would want them to give up.
Sorry for the long day.
I felt like Spongebob this day.
S: “Well, we lost our car again. . . .”
P: “Never mind the car; where’s the road? The road? The road? The road? The r–. . . . Sorry. . . .”
It was the day we lost our very inconsistently-named car (we were constantly changing the name around based on the stereotype of African-American woman names). I also got what I call “Cheerio burps” this day. If you know what I mean by this, more power to you. If you don’t, don’t bother with it. I ended up finishing a drawing, that I think I’m proud of, in church. I’ll probably be sending two actual drawings out today. I guess I also worked on some stuff concerning magic in my book during down time.
Something positive is that Bree really likes to go to church. It makes her happier. It’s interesting, the stories that people tell us about their past experiences with their churches before they joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Some of them make me laugh, some complacent, and some scared.
Oh well. Over all, the week was really good. Thanks, everyone for listening. Have a good week!
Elder Jensen out.
P.S. Pictures are on the way.

Just some pictures in front of the apartment. The first is a failed selfie again.


Peanut Butter M&M’s dipped in peanut butter. Every child’s worst nightmare.


The same thing, but a bit more happy. Elder Jensen does endorse this . . .
. . . if you want to be really disappointed.
Elder Lee’s strangely shrunken head. I promise we did not edit this.
This selfie kind of worked. Yes, more bike work in the background.
Happy approved.
Less-happy but still approved.
I have no idea.
It definitely focused on my finger

I guess this was a slightly better selfie. Still working on it.


Cold, hard bacon grease. Also accompanied by cold, hard reality.
Elder Lee’s last log out of the Tiwi in Laquashatamarawesley. That was the name we finally decided on for the car last night while singing our hymns to it in bed.
The desert is fun. Popped both of my tires. We’re going to bullet-proof these things.
Sort of a drawing based around Kayron in my book. Creating a false forest through practicing his control of light energy.
And then a picture of his dragon form flying. This worked a bit better than I had hoped

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