It’s a Monday

Yep, it’s a Monday again. Let’s get down to it.
Monday of last week:
We finally got to relax for once. We had everything else done, so we just relaxed. I worked a little bit more on lore and things like that. Not much else really happened. We’ve begun to realize that Brother Bowen is not the greatest Ward Mission Leader.
I was blessed with more daydreams while exercising, so that’s good.
Some random people who weren’t members of the church wanted to pay for our lunch, but didn’t arrive at Taco Bell in time to, so they gave us $20 and walked off. . . . That was really nice of them, but for everyone else’s information, missionaries aren’t supposed to accept any money from anyone.
After that, we bulletproofed my bike tires. It was expensive, but not as expensive as buying a patch kit every three days. While fixing it, however, we experienced a geyser of True Goo. It ruined the carpet a bit. Either that, or us cleaning that part of the carpet left a spot of cleanliness in the midst of the dirt-stricken carpet, because there’s a weird light spot where we cleaned.
Then we ate some good Mexican. Not quite La Fuente, but still pretty good.
We had a lesson where the Bishop accompanied us, and that went well. Afterward, he took us to a new move in’s home, where we met her, the member, and her non-member husband. Dawn and Marc. Dawn has quite a lot of health issues, sadly, and Marc is awesome, but trying to find a job. We hope things go well for them.
A long day. Jesse ended up getting an interview for a job, which we think he got. That’s awesome, in our opinion. We hope things work out for him–he’s got a lot of potential.
Apparently one of the families we taught–or at least the husband–feels that we’re pushing him to go to church too much. He’s a bit angry.
We had to ride up to Old Town, and I had a large print, triple-combination in my bag. That sucked a bit.
We didn’t end up getting to see any of our appointments. While up in Old Town, some guy came walking at us as we were about to bike away, screaming profanities. Stuff along the lines of: “Get the bleep off my street, you Jehova’s Witnesses! That’s right! Get your bleeping bikes and ride away! I am the devil you motherbleep! Wearing helmets on your bikes?”
I think it would’ve been hilarious if he WAS Satan, because then we could just say, “In the name of Jesus Christ, we command you to depart,” and he would have been forced to leave. Unfortunately, he was a person with free agency, so that’s probably not the best solution. I mean, definitely we weren’t worried. God does protect us. I know that for sure.
Lots of door to door this day. The only guy who let us in was a Jehova’s Witness who was reading from their edited Bible, which I simply cannot respect, and he was probably trying to convert us. It was . . . silly. We tried to find common ground to just discuss happily about gospels, but he wasn’t into that. Kept changing the subject. I really do wish I knew the Bible better though.
Got some more doors slammed in my face.
The Carsey family accompanied us to a lesson. Sister Carsey did awesome, but Brother Carsey didn’t seem to want to be there. He was the one keeping their kid on silence though, so that’s definitely nice of him. They’re an awesome family though. Cherelle and Bre were interviewed for baptism this lesson though, and they’re both ready. It will hopefully be this Saturday! They’ll have to be baptized and confirmed on the same day though, because the next day is Stake Conference and the following week, Cherelle is going to the hospital for whatever reason. . . .
Brother Gonzales got super pissed at us. It was really weird.
However, because of that, we visited a nice girl named Summer. We had a really good discussion and she definitely has a positive opinion on the missionaries now. She said she’ll read the Book of Mormon, and if she thinks it’s from God, she’ll give us a call or a text. She pointed out how she liked that it was called, “Another Testament,” just like how there’s the Old Testament and the New Testament.
Afterward, we saw Alyssa and Victoria on the Gonzales’ porch. That made him a bit angrier I think. Either way though, they got to read scriptures with us and we were able to build their faith in Jesus Christ.
We ate at Apollo’s again. That was pretty tasty. They have some good onion rings. Really expensive though. We met a guy named Semai who seemed . . . I don’t know . . . interested? Hard to say.
Elder Lee taught Dameyune and I how to tie a Half-Windsor or whatever, so that definitely helps. Now I don’t have an obtuse triangle for my tie.
Sundays are always good. We get to relax a bit more. Marc came to church (as well as Brother Gonzales and his wife, but they both left early) and he is totally ready for baptism. We just need to refresh him on the lessons.
A lot of waiting for a text or call from Jesse so we could meet with him. Didn’t get anything. That’s half of the life of a missionary.
Sister Hamilton, a very forthright African-American who is funny in her own special way, gave me the hug that my mother asked her to give me. I didn’t deny her it because it was technically from my mother, but it’s against mission rules to hug people of the opposite sex. Hahah, keep that in mind in the future, Mom.
Well, that’s about it. So sorry all my emails are so long. Maybe I should just start doing highlights. I don’t know. I mean, you people have lives and things to do. Oh well. Have a good week.
Elder Jensen out.
Just having a party.
Baptismal-Interview Glasses-Wearing Fiasco, Episode 1
Co-Starring Elder Infanger and Elder Thelander, with some redneck in the background.
I’m the eldest Elder
The nachos Bree made for us. Elder Lee’s look much better than mine did. . . .
The face of Jolly Time.
I don’t know.
A painful selfie in front of the ghettos in Old Town
and a picture of said ghettos.

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