Baptism Complete

Time to get into the big stuff.

Got groceries with the other elders, since our car is gone. That was much more . . . annoying.
We had a Zone Activity where we played Navy Seek, which is a game where a person stands in one place and counts down, while everyone else runs from checkpoint to checkpoint. If the counter sees you and says your name, then you’re out. It’s pretty fun. My legs ended up being sore for a while. Shrelle ended up having some trouble when we told her that there is “one Lord, one faith, one baptism”.
District meeting. Grew a bit closer to all the missionaries in my district.
I realized that the people who would typically be my enemies at school are all very trustworthy people out here. The jocks are on a mission for the same purpose as the nerds. It’s pretty cool to think about. They’re all my brethren (and sisters) in the Lord, y’know?
Went to Victor Valley Hospital and gave a blessing to someone named Victoria Lovelady. Interesting last name.
Afterward, we went to the ward Halloween party. Elder Lee spent the entire time talking to a complacent person who wasn’t a member of our church. I really hate complacency. I’d rather deal with a city like Ninevah than one person who likes to pick and choose from different religions. It doesn’t work like that. Whatever, though.
Had an exchange with Elder Thelander, the gent on the right of the glasses picture. He’s a really nice guy. I like him a lot.
We met a guy named Bill Jensen, whom Elder Thelander has called “the most interesting man in the world”. He was converted off of deep doctrine. When his Grandma died, instead of giving him a Book of Mormon, she gave him a Pearl of Great Price. He’s pretty awesome though, spiritually and physically.
Appointments fell through, so we went knocking on doors. Met some decent potentials. After that, we went to Megan’s. She was actually trying to learn, that time, so that was good. Unfortunately, though, Anthony told us he doesn’t want to sit in on the lessons. We really need to figure out what is holding him back. I hope Megan can do that for us.
Our Ward Mission Leader told us and his old lady friends that he is strangely obsessed with that if he “wasn’t carting us around, [he’d] be ward hopping”. We were two minutes late to dinner, so when we got in his car, he said, “Now listen, fellas: I’m not the Easter bunny.” To this day we have no idea what that means.
Funniest thing on my mission thus far. To preface, for those of you who aren’t in the church, we call females sisters and males brothers. We were talking about how Alyssa (brother Gonzales’ sister-in-law)’s dad, when getting baptized in another church, got stuck in the tub (which was much smaller than our fonts). We were joking that if he were to get in one of our tubs, he would inflate and get stuck, and Elder Lee said, “Yeah, he’d be like Sister Puff?”
I could not handle that.
Anyway, a guy stopped us on our bikes and wanted us to teach him. Unfortunately, he lives in Hesparia. Not in my area. Totally fair.
Halloween, obviously. We had to go in early at 6 o’clock. I drew a bit, and then we went to the Carsey’s and played some cards. That was enjoyable, hahah.
Saturday was the day we baptized Shrelle and Bre. That went really well! They talked about how much better they felt. They could really feel the spirit. A lot of members came, and they were very happy to feel all the support from the ward.
Stake Conference. Tried to draw during it, but had too much art block.
Let me express my opinions on this Stake Conference:
Literally every single thing was about the Sabbath day. Every talk. Every song. Everything.
But hey, if the Lord wants to emphasize the Sabbath day and keeping it holy, by all means. I’m not going to oppose him.
Not much happened otherwise.
Well, thank you, everyone, for reading. Thank you all for your support; I’m very grateful for it.
Elder Jensen out.
Another seal of approval.
In front of the baptismal font. Sorry, I just can’t take selfies seriously. I always have to make stupid faces.
Ready to baptize Shrelle (left) and Bre (right)!
Just Halloweenin’. Elder Lee’s “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Girlfriend” girlfriend sent us some Halloween candy at the beginning of October. Elder Lee saved two ring pops just for this day so that we could claim we saved some of her candy until Halloween.

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