A Long Week

I need something to title these.

Got a haircut this day. It actually didn’t turn out as bad as last time.
Went to In-N-Out for a late lunch, expecting that we wouldn’t have a dinner because one wasn’t written down thanks to Stake Conference, but then afterward, Brother LaTomme told us that someone just signed up for dinner. So naturally, we had to attend, and to eat.
I was very tired, so I didn’t write much. Otherwise, I can’t remember.
Lots of tracting and little to report from it. We went to Marc and Dawn Aguirre’s at 4:30, come to find out that dinner was planned by Elder Lee to be at 5 instead of 6. He decided not to tell me, so we ended up having to walk back. From Old Town Victorville. At night.
It was 40 degrees, and we both had to use the bathroom, so I bought us some hot chocolate so that we could use their bathroom. We ended up giving the hot chocolate to a homeless person.
An exchange with the ZL’s. Elder Bentley, the dark haired one in the glasses picture, came to our area. Apparently Elder Boltz discovered I was a brony and told Elder Bentley, so that aroused his faculties and created questions.
Had an experience with a dog that I found cool. We were going to Summer’s place that she house-sits, and the large dog was in the front yard. We would put our hands up to the gate and he would lick them, but if we went to the entrance, he would growl and bark a bit. You could tell he was smart. Elder Bently who is way buffer than me decided to send me first, so I started to open the gate and just maintained eye contact with him. I entered and finally broke eye contact when I got to the stairs, and he walked up beside me and laid on the porch. That was pretty cool, hahah.
Otherwise, a lot of tracting again.
Went to Squash4Friends where we pulled a ton of weeds. Elder Lee did the most work, followed by the new Elder Clemons, then by me, and nobody else did anything after the first 5 minutes.
Afterward, we had a ton of appointments fall through.
We didn’t originally have dinner, but the LaTomme’s were nice enough to have us last minute, so they got some KFC and had it with us.
We then taught the Millans again, just teaching the Plan of Salvation, and the antagonistic son, Andy, actually liked it.
I also discovered that apparently the song Simple Gifts is one of my favorite hymns. Not on this day, but I just remembered it now.
Had a weird DL/ZL meeting that Elder Paxton and I sat in the background listening to. That was boring.
We weekly planned with a great sense of dread encompassing our recently terraformed hearts, because neither of us were motivated to do weekly planning. We greatly lamented the idea.
After, we went to the dinner with the Moore family. That was nice.
Then, we met an investigator named Kiona. She’s really good, but she doesn’t understand why baptism with priesthood authority is necessary. Maybe pray for her.
Exchanges. Got a call in the morning, and, you’re gonna’ love this: my bike was stolen.
I will tell you right now, that just chucked me into a trench of depression for the whole day. Said trench was also filled with acid when the exchange was LITERALLY all tracting. I did my absolute best to maintain a cheerful attitude to help Elder Clemons have motivation to knock doors, but when I got home and in bed, I broke down.
I wish to tell you about the second half of the day first, because I want to end with the first half. In the second half of the day, we had dinner at the Carseys, which was very delicious, and then we played some Scum (card game). Some of the times, I purposely got the position of scum so I could sit in the soft chair and pet the cat.
As well as that, let’s rewind a bit, because I forgot to say something. We were in priesthood opening exercises and we asked if anyone could come to some lessons with us. We literally sat in silence for two minutes. This ward sucks at missionary work. Please, if you’re reading this, be better than them. We have a cycle of about 3 people who will ever go with us.
The first half of the day was awful. I was still broken down by the idea of a stolen bike, and Brother Bowen, the WML, was being EXTRA stupid that day, so I was . . . not feeling it. Thankfully, it was the Sabbath. Fast and testimony meeting saved me.
Firstly, Brother Reyes finally got his two other children from the Philippines! They’re the ones who weren’t able to obtain visas. One of them was three, and he was super adorable. He was just being suuuper friendly to me the whole time, smiling at me and kind of hugging my knee and stuff, and that helped me ten-fold. As well as that, Elder Paxton referenced this wonderful talk, and it struck me so hard. The part he referenced was around 1:25. . . . It was so powerful. . . . https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2011-07-013-watch-your-step?lang=eng
Because of that, I’ve grown a testimony of attending church. I know now more than I ever have that church attendance, both physically and mentally, can help us through our life. It can solve our problems and comfort and console us. I promise every one of you that attendance to church will help you.
Elder Jensen out.
Laying in bed. I enjoyed it.
Uuuhhh…. Rubber bands.

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