That Was Fast

This just seemed like a really fast week. Let’s get in it, I suppose.

A pretty relaxing preparation day. We bought a significant amount of food, but it’s all for meals, so nothing to snack on.
I absolutely had to buy some Jimmy Dean stuff. I bought it for Elder Finch.
That’s about all I wrote about in my journal, I suppose, so I don’t have much else to say.
Elder Lee might have fallen asleep on the toilet.
Otherwise, it was a Zone Meeting. We did a training and things like that, and we took waaaay too much time. We accidentally took an hour. I feel really bad about that. The other trainings had to be cut short.
We actually taught Anthony Gonzalez, Megan’s husband. He finally opened up a bit and told us that the real reason he wasn’t interested was because he didn’t believe that the Bible and the Book of Mormon could be true after thousands of years. He believes someone edited all of the text.
No members came to our lesson with Shrelle and Bre, so we couldn’t go. Bre was super angry because she made us dinner, and we didn’t even get to eat it. We even cancelled a member dinner taking place at a buffet for that, and of course, nobody was willing to go. Some of these priesthood brethren need their hearts softened.
Had an exchange with a certain Elder Brown. I have a pretty high opinion of that Elder now. It increased significantly. I thought he was more like Elder Paxton, but I was wrong. He was really awesome and very genuine. He taught me a lot, honestly. He even pointed out some flaws in my drawing style I could improve on (sort of. I already new these, but I remember them while drawing now).
I was very happy with how the day went. We taught a new investigator named Cassandra the restoration, and she accepted it.
We also taught the Aguirres, the very poor couple. They could use some temporal prayers. Spiritually, they’re getting much stronger though.
Ultimately, I really enjoyed the day. It was a well needed break from Elder Lee. He’s a great missionary, but Elder Brown and I were actually able to converse with each other, and he didn’t lose energy like Elder Lee does.
Friday the thirteenth. We crossed paths with 3 black cats. Hahah, that was weird.
We visited Megan again, and that didn’t go too bad.
We finally got to meet with Shrelle and Bre, and it felt like it had been a long time since we last met.
Exchanges with Elder Infanger. He’s definitely an interesting fellow. We went to Apollo Burger for lunch, and he blessed the food, and he said, “Please bless that this food will make Elder Jensen as fat as me. Please bless that it won’t make me the fattest person in the world. As long as I’m not that, I’m happy.” Hahah, he was a fun partner. Again, strange, though. He’s a good, hard working missionary though.
I got “the Roy Boy.” It wasn’t really that good. Joel will have to make sure to tell Tadj and Bryce that the Marthmarthmarthmarthmarth is better.
It WAS huge, though.
We taught Cassandra again, who has yet to meet Elder Lee, and Jacqueline. Cassandra wanted us to reteach the restoration for Jacqueline. They both said that they’d get baptized too! Cassandra is more solid than Jacqueline, but Jacqueline will make it there! The issue is Jacqueline’s mom. She seems like she might try to hold Jacqueline back. I really hope not though. If all goes well, she might get baptized too.
In church, Brother LaTomme joined in on Missionary Coordination and basically took over Brother Bowen’s spot. I do love that man. He’s the best. Also, in Sacrament Meeting, seeing as he was conducting, he told the ward to start signing up for more dinners for us. As well as that, in priesthood, he told the brethren that they need to step up to the plate and go out with us. The dinner thing yielded results, but unfortunately, it only yielded results from the people who feed us already. The priesthood meeting thing didn’t yield any results.
Well, it looks like that’s about it! Thanks, everyone, for your support. Have a good week.
Elder Jensen out.

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