I forgot to start writing this until it was about time to go. I’ll make it pretty quick.

Got flu shots. The mission nurse made me hold her hand. She seemed more scared than I was. But I guess that’s easy, because I have absolutely no problem with needles, honestly. Did a decent amount of drawing, but nothing finished or anything.
We had a Nerf gun fight for a zone activity and I started to get infuriated on the second gametype, and I remembered what I said about capture the flag and how it was the only game that could infuriate me. For a while, I was like, “Well, I guess nerf can infuriate me too.” Then I realized we were playing capture the flag.
We did a lot of tracting in the untouched area 2. No success there.
We were supposed to have a lesson with Austin, a new investigator, but he got grounded. That was lame. Elder Lee won’t get to see him before he leaves next week.
Elder Lee stomped a Ketchup packet and it got all over me. That was fun.
We went to dinner at the Ingram’s, and Elder Paxton got totally destroyed. He kinda got found out that he was apparently a bully to some (no clue how many) at school, and one of their older daughters just totally flipped out on him. He had no clue how to handle it. I won’t say he was deserving it, because he really only knows HOW to insult, but it was funny.
Sister Durning found out someone was going home soon, and she (a super adorable, nice old lady) said, “Who’s going home soon? Is it you, Elder Paxton?” and he said, “No, it’s not me,” and she said, “Oh, darn!”
I’m sorry, but that there was just too funny. This week, by the way, is full of Elder Paxton moments. There will be one on Saturday too.
Anyway, we delivered a bible, but the guy wasn’t too interested in anything else. We still gave him a Book of Mormon though.
We went to Apollo Restaurant where I discovered that it was not called Apollo Burger when we were with Sister Durning.
Went to Megan’s and we watched “The Three Witnesses”. That was a so cheesy it was good. Hahah, no, it wasn’t too bad for how old it is. It’s about the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon.
Weekly planning. It was weird planning for Elder Lee’s last week.
We baked some cookies for antagonistic Andy, and he was happy to get them, I think. Hopefully.
Lots of appointments falling through. We met with the Aguirre’s and that’s it.
The Elder Paxton thing was at the McAllister’s. Again, an innocent woman, kind of slow it seems (she does have some very faint mental issues, but nothing you can really tell about). Elder Paxton says, “Have you ever heard of Windy City?”
And as a joke, I said, “What, Wendy’s City?”
And he said, “No, not Wendy’s the restaurant, ya’ (insert insult here).”
Sister McAllister walks up and says, “Is Wendy your other girlfriend?”
All of the missionaries just lean back in their chairs and go, “Ooooooh!”
Gave a talk on gratitude and thanksgiving, which was hard because Elder Lee also did, and he used ninety percent of my references. Also, the talk I had been given was by President Marion G. Romney, and the talk was literally all quotes. It’s okay though. The talk went fine. A bit too overtime. Mostly because Elder Lee took almost 30 minutes.
Well, it looks like that was about my week. If you’re feeling up to it, some people who can use prayers are the Aguirre’s, Jacqueline, Suzie and Kiona and her family.
Thanks, everyone, for listening. See you next week.
Elder Jensen out.

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