New Companion

Well, I forgot my journal and planner this week, so the email will be shortish.

Preparation. Got ready for the week. We played volleyball and Elder Paxton fre-e-eaked out. It was almost scary. Although, even Elder Clemons, the new greenie who is super nice and stuff, was telling him to calm the freak down. He was winning too. I don’t know what his deal was.
I don’t even remember. The days blur together. Not sure about anything. Not even sure if the volleyball thing was last week or the one before that. Let me think. Meanwhile, if you’re looking over my shoulder right now, I’ll move on to type the other days while I think. If you’re not here looking over my shoulder, this doesn’t apply to you.
Went on an exchange with Elder Anderson. He was much better than Elder Brown (who is now dead) honestly because he was just a nicer guy in general. I spent the majority of this week with Elder Anderson. Mostly, though, on this day, we just walked around. Lots of walking. Then we went to the mansion where we had to stay the night because Elder Lee had to go do doctor things.
Thanksgiving. Had 3 thanksgiving dinners. Ouch.
Shrelle and Bre, the Ingrams and the Reyes
Another exchangish thing where Elder Anderson came up to Green Tree with me. This was because Elder Brown and Lee went to their departing temple trip.
We talked to someone named Brandi, who we had previously contacted before, and she said she read the stuff we gave her. We talked for a bit, and essentially, Christmas was mentioned several times. She said, “And I feel really bad because I’m over here talking about Christmas and I know you guys don’t celebrate it.”
Elder Anderson and I both explained that we do celebrate holidays, and she brightened up. Suddenly, she was so much more open about talking. You could tell that was a relief to her.
Waited all day for transfer info.
Killed Elder Lee and hung out with Elder Anderson in the Santa Fe ward.
Well, that was my week. Those are the highlights that I remember, really. Elder Carson, my new companion, seems like he’ll be really great to be around. Hopefully. Well, it’s about that time for me to leave. Thanks, again, everyone, for listening. Have a good week and see you next week.
Elder Jensen out.

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