Long Week


Found out that my companion is not the nicest guy. He’s actually very rude. I don’t think he likes me much at all. Hopefully these six weeks go by fast.
It was all-in-all a stressful preparation day. We didn’t get to do much. I also found out that Elder Carson likes to take an extra hour to plan for the day than every other missionary I’ve ever met.
Finally got to meet with a kid named Austin, the brother of a kid whom the other elders in Green Tree are baptizing. He seems like he’ll be a really solid guy. He’s already ready through Alma.
We were at the Millan’s and taught a lesson based around a *certain video.
Watched many of the bible videos about Jesus Christ’s life on biblevideos.org. Those are super good. I’d recommend them to every Christian. The first ones (in chronological order) can be a bit boring, but they get better.
Had a stick-sword fight with Megan’s daughter Jade. She’s super adorable. I have videos of her, but I don’t know how I can give them to you kind people. I’ve got a video of her singing her ABC’s and her singing I Am a Child of God.
Tried to visit Raunnie, but that didn’t work. Then a guy tried to invite us to his non-denominational Christian church, I guess they’ve got things going on like drum solos and Jesus raps and stuff. I won’t go any further on that subject.
We met two really solid potentials, though.
We visited Meeko and things of that nature. He and his mom made it to church, so that’s awesome.
Afterward, I had to go to the bathroom really bad, like I do right now, and so we walked to the bishops to find that he wasn’t home. Then, we walked to Sister Durning’s and she let me use it, after which she proceeded to give us cinnamon rolls.
Remember how Elder Carson takes an hour to plan for the day? Yeah. We had weekly planning on Friday. Indescribable horror.
It sufficeth to say he spent one of three hours on on investigator.
Exchanges. I was so grateful for that.
Went with Elder Clemons again. We talked to Megan, did online study, and found a couple potentials.
Shrelle and Bre cancelled after church, so we went to the Moreo family, who said they weren’t interested, following which we went to a person named Lilly’s house. She said that she wants to learn more, but we’d have to meet at a member’s house, because I’m guessing her husband isn’t super nice. She said she’d read some of the Book of Mormon that night, so she seems super solid.
Anyway, that’s my week. I hope everyone else’s week can be good, or better. Whichever is necessary.
Elder Jensen out.
*In the lesson with the Millans, we shared the video “Because of Him” https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2014-00-1420-because-of-him?lang=eng and I found myself getting very emotional at the thought of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us.
My testimony to you all on this week is that Jesus Christ lives, and that through Him we can receive happiness. I know that He lives for us. He didn’t live for us to serve Him. He lives to serve us. I know that He cares for us, and knows what we’re going through, and I know that because of him, we can all live again. Every one of us can.
I know these things for a fact, and I leave them with you to ponder on in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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