I Really Need a Title For These Things‏


Got a new jacket. It’s super nice looking, and protects me from the surprisingly awful and dismal winds of the high desert.
This place seriously wouldn’t even be cold without this wind.
Nothing special happened. Sorry to say. . . .
I don’t have much written down that isn’t complaining about Elder Carson, so I’m not sure what to say. I know we had a Zone Conference. That’s about all I recall though.
Got a package in the mail, and now it’s kind of just sitting there so I can stare at it, waiting for Christmas.DSCN0525
Visited Meeko and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He’s an awesome kid.
We had dinner at the King family’s. I love their home. It’s just so filled with the Spirit, and Kora, the daughter, is adorable. She always colors little pictures for us. I gave her my picture of the dragon flying in the sky. She apparently hung that up in her room or something. Cora, also, apparently, means Goddess of the Underworld. They knew that, and liked it, and decided to change it to a K instead of a C.
Visited a woman named Pilar and shared the Christmas video with her. That went pretty well.
Apparently that up there was Tuesday? I don’t know anything anymore.
Met with Sister Knisely, then had lunch. Elder Carson made some pancakes.
They tasted like soap.
Visited a gent. named Rey. He was a referral and apparently wants to take the lessons. Interesting stuff.
Met with Cassie and Jackie. They’re basically 100% ready for baptism. Mostly Cassie, but Jackie is on her way.
Did some Squash. That went okay. I got to talk with Elder Smith and Elder Anderson, who are basically my two favorite missionaries I’ve met so far.
Elder Carson and I got in a disagreement about explaining where our priesthood authority comes from. He believes we shouldn’t explain it unless they ask, and obviously I believe otherwise. I guess we’ll see.
Anyway, in this lesson, we taught the Restoration to a certain Lawrence Love. He actually asked us to come back and teach him.
Not a lot written down. Just a large drawing.
Taught Cassie and Jackie and Shrelle and Bre.
Tracted into a woman named Constance Everrett who wants to talk more about the church. She was bawling about a few things in her life, and it was pretty sad to see her so sad. She didn’t have use of her legs, and she just really wanted her children and grandchildren to come to her place for Christmas.
Ate lunch at the Carsey’s because it was Amelia, their one-year-old daughter’s birthday. Had some chili-dogs and stuff. It was tasty, and I felt fat after.
The ward Christmas party didn’t help.
Met with Robbyn, a 7th Day Advent. Their doctrine is pretty spot on, it seems, but for some reason, the day in which they celebrate the Sabbath is such a stumbling block for them.
I personally don’t think it matters what day we use as the Sabbath, as long as we’re honoring it and keeping it holy. I doubt that God minds much either. The Church outside Jerusalem does their services on Saturday because that’s just the way the country works.
Met with Cassie and Jackie yet again. We taught them the Word of Wisdom, but apparently Cassie had already tossed her cigarettes before we even knew we’d be meeting.
Well, that’s just about my whole week. A decent week. Not much to say about it though, personally.
Elder Jensen out.

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