Let It Snow!

It snowed! Up in Big Bear and Rightwood!

Anyway, it’s the Christmas week. Merry Christmas, everyone.
Really had to pee after emailing, but every bathroom in California is locked by weird keys and coin slots and stuff. It’s stupid. I just want to give myself a rest. I had a drawing for this event, and it actually looks good, but I left my camera outside.
We had a very long lesson with Cassie and Jackie, setting up appointments for each day in the week.
A lady named Erika Lane called the Church and requested assistance for getting out of an abusive relationship. She tried calling the police, but they brushed it under the rug because he was ex-law enforcement, and she called a womans shelter, but they denied her because she has seizures and that would be too much of a liability for them. I brought up that she needed a place to stay in Ward Council, but they dismissed it as naught. Erika does want to learn about the church, though, because her grandpa was LDS (apparently the first black person to get sealed in the LA temple), and she loved her grandpa. Unfortunately, her boyfriend is Jehova’s Witness and will not let her learn.
Cassie also admitted to being a homosexual. Things have begun to get difficult.
Had another lesson with Cassie and Jackie and a lesson with the Cooleys. The Cooleys are an awesome family who can’t come to church because they don’t have a car.
Finally got to go on exchanges with the glorious Elder Smith, A.K.A. Brony Smith.
It was a nerdy exchange. We stayed up until 1 AM on accident, talking about video games and all of that stuff.
I discovered that it wasn’t just me that dislikes Elder Carson. Elder Anderson, the one Elder Carson went with on exchanges, basically hated his experience. Apparently, Elder Carson tried to take the area over, and acted like he knew more than Elder Anderson, even though Elder Anderson has been out twice as long.
Anyway, we had breakfast at Megan’s, at which we gave Jade a blessing of health because she was sick. Megan was super excited to see Elder Smith.
Afterward, we squashed it up at the squash farm. Elder Clemons and I spent the whole time talking about Olan Rogers, which was nothing less than the chorus of Angels We Have Heard On High.
Brother McAllister, the older one, was at dinner and he was talking about how those who are with us are more than those who are against us. He said, “The forces with us are–” then cut himself off, pointed in the air like he was testing the wind, put his room-lighting smile on his face and looked upward before saying, “the force awakens!”
Sister Knisley gave us some cheesecakes she made, so that was nice of her.
Another great quote from Brother McAllister: he was talking about paintings and he said, “I had one lady paint some barns for me–” he cut himself off again and, whilst nodding, said, “I like barns.”
Cassie described her unwillingness to give up homosexuality. I knew this would happen too though. It’s the same thing as with Shrelle and Bre. Shrelle seemed most solid at first, and then it turned out to be Bre. Cassie seemed most solid at first, and then it turned out to be Jackie. We’ll see how it goes. That whole convo, however, just shot our day in the back. Took it out to prom, dropped it off on the curb and didn’t even pay.
We contacted a referral, and they told us to come back another time.
We called Erika and read Mosiah 24 to her over the phone, and that comforted her a lot.
We also met with Megan, and she was really sad about Cassie and her inability to get baptized (Megan is Cassie’s sister if you didn’t know).
Church. Only two investigators there, and it wasn’t Cassie or Jackie, but we received yet another referral, so that’s awesome.
Then, we had a lesson with Shrelle and Bre, and even though we emphasized leaving on time, they still didn’t let us. Sheesh.
We also taught Rey and Stella, and they’re gonna’ be awesome. Rey thought we worshiped prophets though– for those of you who don’t know, we do NOT worship prophets. Just like the Jews didn’t worship Moses, we don’t worship Joseph Smith.
We found an adorable and very vocal cat on the way walking home. It was mewing all over the rooftop of this one house. I thought it was stuck, so I tried to reach up to get it, and it stretched its paws down to me, but I couldn’t get it down. However, as I turned to walk away, since I barely couldn’t reach it, it just jumped down. But hey, I got to pet it! It was super fluffy and nice.
Well, that’s about my whole week. Again, have a merry Christmas! I’m excited to open these gifts from you all, because for once in a long while, I actually don’t know what they are!
Elder Jensen out.
Whew, today was a long one.

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