Christmas Week

This week was a good week. While it was mediocre for missionary work, it was still enjoyable and spiritual.

Shopped (bought a lot of snacks), e-mailed, got some Subway and had a Zone Activity in which we played sand volleyball in the cold. That was a lot of fun. It was a weird king of the court thing where the players on one side rotated out each time someone failed to get a ball and they tried to beat the kings with 3 points in a row.
Then, we had dinner at the LaTomme’s where they complimented the new Star Wars movie (I’m glad I wasn’t super into Star Wars at home. It makes this whole thing significantly easier).
We had a short lesson with Megan in the which she taught Jade about the Nativity with our assistance.
District Meeting. Elder Infanger gave a training on planning and he started by addressing a picture of Daniel interpreting the dream of the stone rolling forth and such.
He pointed to the throne and said, “What is this?”
“Daniel interpreting a dream,” we replied.
“No, this throne. It looks like a weird camel-man thing. Clearly whoever did this didn’t plan very well. They tried to do a person, and then they made too many legs, so they decided to change it or something.”
I didn’t give the story proper justice, but whatever.
We ate at Red Robins for Elder Dreher’s birthday, then went back home. Called up a potential investigator and she gave us quite the shock when she asked us to pray that she would die. We had no idea how to end the call either. She wasn’t willing to take her life, because she knew it was like murdering, but she sure as heck didn’t want to live anymore.
Anyway, we met a random lost member who apparently is going to Apple Valley for church when she isn’t supposed to be.
Then, we came back and had dinner and I drew a Fluttershy in Elder Smith’s notebook.
Exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Elder Bentley and I were at the mansion (a member house owned by the mission that is significantly bigger than most other missionary housing facilities).
We were doing some tracting and happened to run into another lost member, but this one was a smart guy. He asked us to come back at 4, so we did, and we met his family. Turns out, he actually wanted to go back to church! He was super sincere about it too. He loves members of the Church because they’re hard workers and everything. That was probably the highlight of the exchange.
Christmas Eve! We did our Weekly Planning on Thursday and then went caroling as a zone.
That was a lot of fun. Pretty sure we actually made a few peoples days! We did it in Santa Fe’s area because they’ve been pretty dry on numbers lately, sadly. . . . But it was definitely awesome.
Christmas, obviously, if Thursday was Christmas Eve.
We stayed up until 1 AM at the other Elders’ apartment playing a game called Betrayal at the House on the Hill, then woke up at around 8 to open Christmas presents.
My family gave me a dragon blanket, which I love, some Hogwarts pajamas, which I also love, some colored pencils, which are doing wonderfully (and I love them), some jeans which I’ve yet to try on for some reason, some p-day shirts, stocking, and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting. Extended family gave me many gift cards, because I guess they want me to get fat or something. I don’t know what they have in mind–but I’m still extremely grateful.
Grandma Abbott gave me a mini version of the sketch book my parents sent me a while ago, which is awesome. Now I can keep that in my bag and doodle whenever I feel like it.
Thank you so much, everyone who sent me gifts! If you didn’t . . . well, that’s alright. You can repent and send me some next year.
Don’t do that. Unless you want to. I mean, it’s up to you. Free agency and all.
The King family (a family out here) gave us all Nerf guns. . . . That escalated quickly into a full-fledged battle of honor and valor between the two greatest of clans, the Green Tree veterans known as Elder Dreher and Elder Jensen, and the MTC comps.
We then went to the LaTomme’s for Christmas where I called home, which was wonderful, and we played Risk. Zachary, the 11 year old, decided to have us play it by his own rules. That wasn’t as fun as it could’ve been.
Christmas hangover is the way Elder Dreher described the feelings of the day. We were all tired from staying up so late on Christmas Eve, and we were still in the mentality of getting to relax and enjoy ourselves a little bit. It was a rough day.
We biked against intense winds; I imagine this experience is what old people mean when they say they walked uphill both ways barefoot in a snowstorm. It was a similar experience.
We tried to visit Brandi and Anthony, two potentials, but it profited us little. Then, we accidentally ate dinner at the Millan’s, not realizing that it was already 5:00 and time for us to go to our dinner appointment with the Kellys.
Then, we walked and biked around in the 37 degree weather with my dinky-yet-handsome windbreaker. We ended up talking to a guy who apparently had a police warrant on his heads (according to  it got so cold that we were willing to spend the last hour of our day at Brother Cox’s. He gave us hot chocolate and pie though. That was nice.
We had church, then we visited the Cooleys.
The rest of our appointments fell through, so we went to the Carsey’s and played Stratego and Risk.DSCN0587
Well, there’s my week. It was a good one. I enjoyed it at least. Our numbers could be better, but it was what it was. See you all next week!
Elder Jensen out.
Here’s a picture of our zone at a Christmas gathering last week.
Elder Johnson and I hanging out at the Christmas Devo.
Green Tree is missing Elder Carson.
Found Elder Carson
A messed up pretzel.
This gigantic dog is named Vlad (the Impaler) and often responds better to beautiful.
Vlad on Car
Wearing my dragon blanket. You can’t see it very well though.
Christmas at the Mount Vista apartments.

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