So, today, the library is closing at 12, so the computers are shutting off at 11:45 for some reason. This email is mostly cautionary, and I’ll throw in any highlights I have, but I won’t be going into much detail at all. It is very short as you can see.

Bought an MLP calendar at the store because I needed a calendar.
Exchanges with Elder Infanger. Nothing too special though.
Except that we destroyed Elder Whitelock’s pride by means of chess.
New Years Eve. Had squash and stepped on many goatheads.DSCN0611
Then, we (the mission) had to stay in for a while because of the New Year drunkards who put the lives of missionaries at risk, so we played a bit of Magic: The Gathering. It’s a lot more fun than I would’ve expected.
Weekly planned and gave out hot chocolate to two people.
Megan helped us out with that. Yeah, not much happened, except the likelihood of multiple drug deals occuring or attempting to occur behind us.
Exchanges with Elder Anderson. We sang, “Santa Fe Elders sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked and walked.” Amidst the walking and walking and walking and walking and walking, he actually reminded me about the song that was written about the Santa Fe Elders of Hesperia. The part goes, “Out in the desert they wander, hungry and helpless and cold”. The song writer was writing the song, and then he was given a vision of the Santa Fe Elders in the midst of his writing. It struck him as so horrifying, that he took a part of the chorus, dedicated it to the Santa Fe Elders, and then continued with his song.
Time change for church to 9:00 AM. Elder Carson got up 30 minutes earlier than me, and I was still ready before him.
Well, that’s all, folks.
Have a good week!
Elder Jensen out.

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