Sorry. I don’t get to email on any Monday in the which a holiday takes place because government buildings love to take holidays.

Spent most of the day with the ZL’s. I didn’t get to meet my companion (who was supposed to be Elder Shumway from Alpine, Utah who also went to Lone Peak High, but instead turned into Elder Harris from Iowa) until 6. That was basically my day.
Lots of walking.
We did some service for a younger guy outside his Mom’s house where he lived. He was building planters and stuff with bricks, and he knew that Mormons were always willing to help, so he accepted our help. That was about it though.
We had dinner with the Koontz family at a delicious Mexican restaurant, then talked deep doctrine with Brother Ingram. Dad, you would either really like Brother Ingram, or you wouldn’t at all. Not sure which.
Lots of walking.
Taught a super kawaii Vietnamese gent. He had a horrible grasp of English and walked around in pajamas, socks and flip flops. He’s a great guy though. He’s progressing well.
We talked deep doctrine with President Ingram, Brother Ingram’s brother and president of the Elder’s quorum, at dinner. We went to Which Wich. It’s really good, in my opinion.
We got Bible Bashed by some guy who claimed to be of the Israelite tribe of Gad. You could just tell he had a list that was given to him to use against us, because he kept jumping from thing to thing. Ultimately, he was either trying to prove that Jesus wasn’t white (as if it matters) or that white people were evil. I dunno, but it does say in the scriptures that the Gentiles will bring the gospel to the children of Israel, and there are white people in the lost Ten Tribes.
Met a super-depressed guy in a senior care home. His wife wasn’t talking to him and stuff. Sad story, honestly.
Got Subway with Elder Butcher and Shumway, talking gospel stuff. That was relaxing and fun.
Did two service acts, moving an oven for Brother Ingram and building a thing for Brother McBride.
Fun dinner with the Galaugher couple. They were super nice and easy to talk to.
Dug holes for a fence and helped Brother McBride build the rest of the air conditioner in his house.
Finished up the fence with Brother McConchie.
That was pretty fun, I guess. Sister McConchie gave us some super delicious quesadilla things. They might have just been so delicious because we were so hungry.
Had dinner with Sister Turner, who I think Mom would like, and that was basically our day.
We had church and visited the Daeseleers. He had so many stories.
Yeah, it was a relatively boring day.
Anyway, that was my week. It was a long one for me.
Elder Harris also showed me a really good song:
It was on his flash drive I guess. It’s really good though. It’s about the Savior in Gethsemane.
Well, I’ll be off for this week. Thanks, everyone. See you next week.
Elder Jensen out.
Pics & Stuff:
While stirring the cement:
I’m an evil enchantress.
I do evil dances.
If I look deep in your eyes
I will put you in trances.
And then what will I do?
I’ll mix up some evil cement
And I’ll cover you up
In a slow hardening mix of gravel, rocks, sand, water and potentially some other things.
got some chips from the Ilote man for my last day in Green Tree. Shoot . . . I’m just realizing literally right this second that it might have been Sunday when I bought them. I’ll have to repent for that got some chips from the Ilote man for my last day in Green Tree.


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