Upland and Stuffland

This week has been good. Even with not having many investigators, you can just feel good by going out and doing things–even if it’s just walking back and forth between places.

Zone activity was really the only difference in Mondays. We played Chair Soccer, where there are teams of two and you set up chairs (two per team) and if your chair gets hit by the ball, you’re out. We also played Ultimate Ball, like Ultimate Frisbee, but with a ball and hoops. Then, some Savage Ball.
Had a lesson talking about the Atonement at the Kitts’.
District meeting, and then, since it was MLKJ day, we emailed.
We walked around for the rest of the day basically, having dinner at Outback and stuff. A lesson with Ronnekka (our investigator getting baptized next Saturday) fell through.
Performed a mission-wide fast and had a World-Wide Missionary Devotional. It was pretty good. It was talking about how our purpose is to teach repentance and baptize converts. Lots of meaning behind those five words.
Had a lesson with Lena in which we kind of taught the Plan of Salvation, but not the majority of it.
Then, we walked.
Exchanges with Elder Shumway, the missionary who I was supposed to be companions with. Elder Shumway was apparently in not just the same graduating class, but many actual school classes as Athen.
We got along super well. I wish that we could be companions. So close.
Did some online study, then ate at Subway.
We had to go to a nearby orthodontist to get him a new retainer, because his broke while sleeping.
We tracted around a bit, running into some Born Again Christians who were VERY rude, and then went to visit some super crazy Mexican kids and their even more crazy white friend.
Now I know what you’re all thinking, but worry not. Yes, we did bring a giant lemon with us.
They took the giant lemon slices that I cut for them and covered them in “Beaner Sauce” as Elder Shumway called it (it was something called Tajin) and some “spice”, which was really just listerine breath spray. They flippin’ loved it for some reason. They were also verily disrespectful.
Elder Shumway had a mini-drone that was a lot of fun to play with.
Weekly planning, high tension comp inventory and stuff.
We updated some referrals.
We also visited Kevin, the Vietnamese gent. It’s super hard to teach him because of his low grasp of English, and he can’t attend church because he goes to his Buddhist temple every Sunday.
We taught Ronnekka and that’s when we pushed her baptismal date back a bit, which she is more comfortable with.
Service at the church is about all that happened.
Interesting day.
There was a police chase down San Antonio. The police were chasing some guy for some reason, but the guy hit a huge dip in the road and lost total control. He plowed down a power line thing–cut it clean off and sent it up into the air–before crashing into another one and breaking that one as well. The driver was ejected from the vehicle and a helicopter landed in the nearby high school stadium to fly him to the nearest hospital.
Because of this incident the night previous, we didn’t have power at the stake center.
So we went to the Sapphire building.
Elder Butcher and I went into teacher’s quorum and those kids were super-punks. We were talking about some of the most amazing of deep doctrines we have, and they took absolutely no interest.
Oh well.
Came home, set up some appointments and had dinner at the Ingram’s residence.
Well, that was my fun-filled week. See you all next week; thanks for reading.
Elder Jensen out.

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