Another One?

Wi-Fi is crappy here yet again. I hope that it can pull together and just let me e-mail some people this week.
This glorious man rode up to us on rollerblades and gave us an orange without stopping.
I should just skip Mondays. Nothing happens out of the ordinary.
Had a Zone Conference starting at 8:30 AM, so we didn’t get to do studies. It was good though. Just President Hobbs and some others talking to us. Lots of good things learned. We had snacks as well.
We visited Brother McBride. That man needs some sense.
We went to Brandon’s Diner for dinner. It was really good. I had an omelet.
Then we went to Brother Hartenstein’s.
Started out by doing some service at this Wi-Forsaken library. Just organized a ton of books. I started out in alphabetical order by names of the books because I’m dumb, then had to switch to author’s name.
Visited Joe Galaso and his Jewish friend. That was interesting. They were, like, super heated/excited about some stuff in the Hebrew language. I couldn’t tell if he was Bashing us or not, but we left anyway.
We had a wonderful lesson with Derrin Wright. He told us he loves the Book of Mormon, even though he’s a 7th Day Advent. Just hoping he prays about the Book of Mormon so God can give him his life-changing answer.
After that, we ate at Outback again with Brother King again.
Then, we visited the Kitts family.
Had online studies. Elder Honeycut, the new Elder Paxton/Whitelock, found us in the library. Our original plans were to go to Subway with the 5th Elders, but since Elder Honeycut came in, he followed them to Subway and we did not want to spend time with him.
Visited Lena and set up an appointment.
Weekly planning, and apparently I didn’t write in my journal.
Why didn’t anybody tell me?
There was a deep-cleaning service activity at the church. Elder Harris and I painted walls. I got paint on my nice new jeans and a p-day shirt. I’m back down to 1 p-day shirt.
Helped the Bird’s cut down branches and stuff, then went to the Spears’, then back to the BIrd’s for dinner, then down to the Kitts for a short lesson. They gave us some candy.
We went to church and had the Sacrament! Wheew.
Afterward, we tracted for a bit, and then dinner was brought to us at our apartment.
Well, there’s my week. Take it and do with it what you will.
Elder Jensen out.

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