I guess I don’t get to e-mail much today, because we had to get haircuts, so the chromebooks are all taken and these computers we’re on only get an hour time limit. My companion is super jocky too, so there’s no way he’ll be willing to come back here and e-mail later if it interferes with his opportunity to play basketball.

Hopefully I’ll get some time later though.
Thank you, Dad, for the letter and the story. It’s always really cool to see. For some reason I just thought of this thing that my comp said today. He was talking about Wilford Woodruff and said, “Man, wouldn’t it be freaking scary to see dead people like he did?”

I laughed and agreed, and he continued on about how he thought it was cool that the founding fathers are part of our church, but I was just thinking about what my patriarchal blessing says, hahah.
Yeah, short time this week. . . . Depressing, but whatever. . . . See you around.
Oh, I also need batteries. They’re super expensive at Walmart and stuff, so I imagined they’d be cheaper on Amazon.

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