Finally, A Week to Email

Let’s jump in. Spent a lot of time e-mailing others today. –Insert witty remark to start the letter here-

Just a zone activity. E-mailing sucked, obviously.
District meeting? Maybe Zone Meeting. I can’t really remember.
Elder Vasseur gave me a very nice note. I appreciated that a lot. He’s dying next week though.
We had a lesson with Brother McBride the Tumor Guy. I don’t know if I’ve talked about him. He just has a huge, disgusting, patty of a tumor on his arm, but he claims it’s just fungus, and won’t let the doctors get the cancer out. It’s too bad too . . . he’s a nice guy.
We also went tracting with a guy named Jphet. He’s super weird.
Exchanges. Elder Henson and Butcher came to the area with me. We gave a blessing to a woman in a hospital who has cancer, and the blessing said she’ll survive! So that’s wonderful news.
Had an awesome lesson with Brother Jimenez. He wants to get his family sealed finally for time and all eternity. He said he felt like a kid waiting for Christmas.
President Ingram told us to stay away from Jphet.
Elder Harris was sick.
Elder Harris was sick.
Elder Harris was not sick.
Just kidding.
Ward coordination, visiting lots of people, and an adult session of stake conference. That was really cool. We talked a lot about missionary work.
Stake conference again, talking about temples! I wish we could go to the temple. . . . Lucky people.
Then, we studied and did weekly planning.
Yeah, not a too exciting week, hahah, but that’s what it is! Thanks again, everyone, for being there for me. Missionaries love mail, by the way, so if you want to send me mail, don’t be afraid! Hahah
See you nextweek!
Elder Jensen out.

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