D&C 105:20

That means I’m staying.

I’m not gonna’ write about Mondays anymore unless anything significant happens.
We e-mailed, and then we went out walking. I’ve got blisters on my feet. Not sure if you all want to see them or not. They look a lot worse on camera.
Elder Harris has this phobia of peeing in people’s houses, so instead he made us walk to the church so he could pee before we went to our dinner appointment. We may or may not have been late because of this.
We had some yummy-delicious super-terrific tacos at the Ingram’s home (President form, not Brother form), then he took us out to visit people. He got depressed with nobody being home, so we went to get a soda pop and he took us to 31 flavors. Otherwise known as Baskin Robbins. Yes, he blew out minds when he told us it was also 31 flavors. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at their logo.

This was my version of the Zone Picture. Someone didn’t do well with taking it properly, apparently. But at least Elder Vasseur and Wilhelm look stylish.


Elder Thelander being a handsome gent.


This is the most ominous denominational church in the area.

So, we were walking along the bike path and I heard people just cussing up a storm as part of their everyday vocabulary. As we walked past and were out of range, I said to Elder Harris, “I’m glad it’s against our religion to sound stupid like that.” He laughed a bit, and just as soon as he stopped laughing, this car drove by and some guy screamed out the window: “F*** you!”
We both just kind of paused as we considered the event, then just burst into a jovial fit of laughter.
I’m still grateful it’s against our religion to sound stupid like that.
Anyway, our day consisted of service at the library again, followed by Subway.
We had a lesson at Brother McBride the Tumor Guy again, in the which Elder Harris told him that he was sick.
“I know,” was his reply.
“I’ve been sick for the last 18 weeks,” he reinstated, not expecting what was to come.
“I know.”
*Twilight Zone theme plays*
He proceeded to give Elder Harris two herbal medicines that did not work.
We finished the day off with singing in the rain.
My shoes smelled worse than the south end of a north-bound donkey.
Some online study, walking, lunch, walking, dinner, walking, Ingrams–Brother form.
We visited Kevin, the Vietnamese gent. He apparently wants to be a writer? An English writer? I don’t know. He doesn’t have hardly any grasp of English.
Anyway, we read 3 Nephi 11 with him, which went super well. It was awesome.
Afterward, we visited Thelma who works in the barbershop, and she seems to attract all the members.
It just so happened that a lost member meandered his way into the barber shop. His fiancee typically cuts his hair, but she couldn’t get behind his ears very well, so he figured it was time to visit a barber. He had never been here before. He did not even know the prices. He just happened to walk into the barber shop on the exact day and time that we were there, and then after talking a bit, he told us he’s a member and that we could come over!
Coincidence? I think NOT!
Then we had Tasty Goody with Brother Hartenstein.
Trimmed trees for Brother McBride.
Then we walked a lot.
I tried to get a slushie at Circle K, but it essentially probably gave me 32 ounces of sugar in a blue, aqueous day-ruiner. It probably approximated 600,000 calories. And it didn’t help that I had leftovers from Tasty Goody for lunch and Brandon’s Diner for dinner. Sheeeeesh.
Just church and a lot of learning.
We met Brother and Sister Kalian, who are both from Sandy, Utah! They got married in the Draper temple too! And . . . Brother Kalian is both a surgeon (something Elder Harris likes) and a fantasy writer. It was crazy.
We also visited the Kerrs for a short time, and then after that we just studied.
I love President Thomas S. Monson. He’s the funniest guy. We listened to his BYU Devotional “Decisions Determine Destiny”, and it was hilarious.
Anyway, that’s all folks!
Keep reading and praying, and if you’re not, you better start!
CPR! Church, pray, read! Do it!
Elder Jensen out.

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