C’mon, Guys, Let’s Get Creative!‏


Life in Southern Cali is equated to Polar Pops in the shade.

With the flipping titles of my e-mails. I suck at titling.

District meeting, of course. Elder Harris is now the district leader, so once again I am a district leader companion. He started a competition with the other district where we’re trying to pass out a ton of cards. We passed out our daily 6 and walked a ton, then rode our bikes to the Kitts’ house.
Apparently, riding bikes with companions is a mistake, because I pissed him off, just like I pissed Elder Carson off by riding my bike faster than they could handle. I thought I was going at a really medium pace–I even thought I was going too slow for him since he’s so much more physically fit than I, but apparently it was too much and he was super pissed at me until he learned that another companionship in our district passed out 20 or something crazy like that.
More service at Brother McBrides. . . .
Service at the library.
The McConchies gave us some PB&J sandwiches because we didn’t make it back to our place in time for lunch, then we went to downtown with Brother Nicassio. That was interesting. I’ll leave it at that.
We had Pieology for dinner which was super good. I liked it a lot, at least. I dunno where it is in the states though.
Then, we went to the Spears’ apartment where we hung out with Kenyon and Sister Spears.
What even happened? The world may never know.
Oh, I’m a scrublord. That’s how I feel compared to other companions at least. It’s like, I know that I know things, and that I’m decently smart, but for some reason, I don’t know what the things that I know actually are! Hahah.
We had online study, then visited Steve Taylor the Lady Killer (not sure if I told that story. But whatever). The spanish missionaries were there. That was awkward.
Then we went to Mr. Harry, an old man into family history. He started pulling out this weird anti-Mormon crap, using it in casual conversation, but it was so funny how bad it was. He had this anti-Mormon book, and he was like: “I’m surprised this woman who wrote this isn’t dead. I know you Mormons have a way of getting rid of people who are against your church.”
Dude’s the best.
We had dinner with the Millers (Bishop’s family), then a Book of Mormon class, and then helped Brother Bird set up for the funeral of his mother-in-law. . . .
Stories for days.
Do I even have time to type these?
So, we got stopped by this Mexican who spoke no ENglish, but he really wanted money. Since we’re doing our best to pass out cards, I figured with how much time we wasted on this guy, I should give him a card. As he turned to talk to Elder Harris, I took a temple card from my bag and slid it into his pocket.
Unfortunately, it was still sticking out a bit, and I knew that it was too late to mend that flaw. He was about to turn and face me. I looked at Elder Harris, and he looked at me as he suppressed a wry grin.
The man then turned toward me just a bit and I watched as he began to idly insert his hand into his pocket. I tried to dismiss ourselves in time, but couldn’t. It was too late.
However, the victim, assuimg–and not bothering to look down–that the feeling amidst his fingers was of his own property, he did my job for me. He pushed the card down further within the depths of his rather filthy pockets.
Next, we ran into a bunch of smokers. One of them complimented Elder Harris–“I like your glasses,” after which she proceeded to correct herself, “[I like] you! OOOOH!”–while the other of the two that spoke to us was getting angry at us because of Evan, who apparently dresses like us, and because of that indictment we therefore knew him and were responsible for the fact that this cancer acolyte had yet to recievefive meager dollars as repayment for something Evan had evidently agreed to.
We went to Thelma’s party shop where she pretends to be a cosmetologist but really just makes the ideal situation for missionaries to meet everyone the Lord wants them to contact. We met a guy who has a Mormon daughter and a young man walked in right as we were talking about Joseph Smith and his vision of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to Thelma. Thereby, he was present as well for the priesthood blessing we gave to her. There was absolutely no way he did not feel the Holy Spirit with how intrigued he looked and acted.
We finished the day off with Coldstone, and as we were walking home, we happened to be talking about how people seem to enjoy performing sexual interactions in public for some horrible reason. No, actually, I can’t tell this story. I’m sorry. And I’m too lazy to delete all this.
We visited James Dewitt, then had ward coordination in the which I felt principally useless.
Nothing else happened for the rest of the week.
Have a good one though.
Elder Jensen out.

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