Birthdays are kind of lame on the mission. It’s really just a regular day. Or is every day a birthday? *Twilight Zone*

I might change things around to just giving half-decent highlights instead of literally hour-by-hour explanations of my days. If anything was significant, I’ll put it under the day. Is that okay? Here we go:
We did a ton of cleaning. Deep cleaning and stuff. The apartment is clean. I don’t know if he ever cleaned with Elder Wilhelm. If he did, they got it dirty fast.
We met Jose, a guy who asked us to come over and teach him because of a card we gave him! He was super willing to listen, and at the end of the lesson, he definitely felt the Holy Spirit. He even said, “I just feel happy talking to you guys. I can’t wait to read the Book of Mormon.”
We then gave a blessing to Brother Smith. He’s feeling better now, so that’s good.
Yet more service with Brother McBride.

We had Illote finally! It was tasty, but the corn could’ve been a lot better.

We also had a lesson with Armondo, a guy who Sister Miller asked us to visit for some reason. He’s fully active in the church and has a super strong testimony. I dunno.

From 9:15 AM to 3:00 PM, we just totally destroyed. Destroyed a garage. For Brother Koontz. That was a total party. Just lots of hammers and smashing.
We had a Book of Mormon class again, and that was cool.
President Ingram took us and the Sisters to Baskin Robins again because it was my birthday the next day and Sister Fraser’s that day.
Chocolate lips.

Chocolate lips. Knowest thou the condescension of beauty? Now you know.

Happy birthday to me? I don’t know. It’s a regular day.
Got a haircut from our investigator. It was not that good. We’ll just stick to Sister Blaquierre. Sorry. . . . Plus, she does it for free.
But, hey, Brother Kalian took us out to dinner for my birthday, I guess. So that was super nice of him!
Exchanges with Elder Redhair the Zone Leader.
Exchanges are weird. You’re either super blessed with awesome things to happen, or nothing happens at all. Nothing happened this time. But we got to have Chick-fil-A! Huzzah!
It was a good exchange, though.
Jose was at sacrament! It was wonderful! He really enjoyed it. He said he can’t wait to come back, and he felt so happy while he was there! I wish other people could just understand that happiness.
Other than that, all we had happen was Brother Ingram expound some book of Revelations upon us.
Apparently we were actually supposed to have dinner at the Smith’s, though, but nobody told us and it was not on the dinner calendar! The sisters didn’t write it down or anything. So sad. Especially because they’re not in the most fortunate circumstances, and they had a whole meal prepared for us. . . .
Well, that’s my week. Thanks for watching! Now read it, because you’re not going to see anything special by watching!
Elder Jensen out.

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