Elder David A. Bednar

I’ll get to the title later.

Just a really awesome Zone Meeting. The Spirit was most definitely felt.
I don’t recall what happened. I forgot to write in my journal that day. My planner doesn’t help either, because I’m pretty sure all the things written in it are wrong. I know this because we were supposed to tract with Jphet for 3 hours, but that didn’t happen. I have no clue what actually happened.
Exchanges with Elder Butcher. We seriously, no joke, not lying, srsl, 100%, 4reel, had nothing happen. Nobody was even out! There was a drought, not of bread nor of water, but of seeing the children of God, to quote Amos a bit.
We walked and stuff, then went to Thelma’s. Whilst in that barber shop, some kind of typhoon just came in and began its torrential downpour. We heard Thelma’s sign fall over, so I grabbed my umbrella and went to get it. I came back and my pants were literally wet to the extent of stepping halfway into a pool of water, then emerging. It was insane.
We also set a baptismal date with Jose! We’ll have to push it back, because he couldn’t get to church this week, but he’s super awesome. Keep praying for him, everyone!
Alright. So this was amazing. Elder David A. Bednar, one of the 15 most important men in the world if you don’t know who he is, and he talked to us for 3 hours. 3 straight hours of just talking back and forth between us and him. I’m not joking you, prophecies were imparted and revelations were received. It has been and likely will be the highlight of my entire mission. There was no dead moment. I know that this man has a very personal connection with Jesus Christ, and there is no doubt in my mind that he has met Jesus Christ himself. As well as that, he is the most humble man I have ever met in person.
As I got the opportunity to shake his hand, I looked into his eyes, and I could see how much love he has, and how much care he has for the entire population of the human race; including the love he had for my own self. How someone can acquire such a state of mind is unbeknownst to me, but I hope that someday, in the eternities, that I can achieve it.
Overshadowed by Elder Bednar.
Well, that was my week. It was amazing. The church is true, and Jesus Christ does live.
Elder Jensen out.

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