What a Week


Had a delicious dinner at the Wood’s.
I was supposed to train in DM, but I got jipped out of that opportunity. I only got 5 minutes. President Hobbs was there though.
We had delicious tacos at the Drenk’s and a lesson with Pres. Ingram at Jose’s. We had originally thought it went really well.
We lost our service opportunity at the library. I guess we sucked at doing it.
We hung out with Thelma for a long time. She bought us pizza.
A really nice family named the Gallaugher’s apparently could use people to keep them in prayer, so if anyone is down for that, they deserve it.
Exchanges with Elder Henson. Henson and Jensen.
We got bashed on by Wayne the Australian from South Africa.
We also watched “His Grace is Sufficient” by Brad Wilcox with Brother Wright, and that went amazing. He doesn’t understand the importance of Priesthood Authority though.
Jose dropped us. . . .  He was apparently in it because of the church’s welfare system, but he decided that the church couldn’t help him. I don’t know how he denies the feelings he felt like that, but at this point he has. It’s so unfortunate.
But on the bright side, we were at Steve Taylor’s and a black guy named Donald Burris walked up and started talking about his relationship with Jesus Christ. He was basically preaching to us for about two minutes before he brought up his question, the question he would ask God if he could.
Guided by the Holy Spirit, I pulled out the Book of Mormon and read about the fall to him, which was 2 Nephi 2:22-25. It totally answered his question, and he was super happy about that. He took the Book of Mormon, and according to Steve Taylor, he was outside reading it after we left.
Brother McBride finally admitted he has cancer.
Nothing at all. Elder Harris got sick again for a bit.
Well, that’s all folks.
Elder Jensen out.

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