Easter Week

Easter is weird on the mission. ’nuff said.

Nothing happened. According to my journal.
We did a ton of service. We helped Brother McBride and Lena.
Sister Ragle took us to Mickey D’s.
We met a guy named Donald who now likes the Book of Mormon a lot.
Had a lesson with Joe, a Catholic. It went surprisingly well. He found interest in Joseph Smith and thought the First Vision was amazing, so he’s possibly asking his preacher about Joseph. . . . I’ll let you know how that goes.
We had interviews with President Hobbes, but for some reason he was a couple hours behind, so that literally took our whole day, besides weekly planning.
Lots of appointments falling through. That’s about it.
Got a new investigator though, from Donald not showing up to his appointment (he claimed it was apparently supposed to be at 3, but we know that wasn’t the time. Whatever, hahah).
Not much. Just a tasty dinner at the Donohoo’s. That’s really about it, sadly. You’d think Easter would be exciting as a missionary, but people seem to misunderstand that Easter is actually about Jesus Christ, not bunnies and candy. It’s kind of sad.
Well, sorry guys, short week. Just wait until next p-day. It’s gonna’ be worse.
Elder Jensen out.

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