Another Day, Another . . . Nickel!


We were laughing at a ringtone of Voldemort laughing his glorious laugh all day as we burnt to death in the heat.
Apparently Brother McBride heard me saying, as walking to his house, that in this heat I wouldn’t be willing to do service, so we didn’t end up doing that, which is probably a tender mercy. Elder Harris liked to do service in proselyting clothes, and I was not okay with doing that on a day as such.
(Prefacing this week with this now: this week was very dull as far as missionary work.)
We just dug holes in the morning, visited a member from the Terra Vista ward in the hospital and I tried sushi. It was actually pretty good, I guess.
We dug more holes.
I don’t think we did much more than that, truthfully.
We dug more holes.
We visited Brother Hartenstein. He’s my new favorite. What a hilarious guy. And Bill was there.
The Woods gave us a million pounds of cake.
Blisters are painful.
Blisters are painful; thereby, we actually had to stay in the apartment for the day and I used epsom salt to soothe it, which actually helped a lot. It got ride of one of them.
We played Monopoly during this time. He was destroying me . . . until he landed on my property on which I owned a hotel. He then had to pay me $1000, and that was basically game over for him.
We just went around and visited all the people Elder Harris wanted to say goodbye to.
I’m now with Elder Gunnerson. I’ve heard a lot of good things about him, so hopefully that will stand true. Stay tuned.
Elder Jensen out.
Picture Time!

I drew a picture for Elder Harris.



Elder Butcher



Upland 2nd Mafia. It’s the Brother Bird stance. You’ll learn when you’re younger.


Random picture of walking. I tried to take a picture of a cute dog, but he ran out of the shot.



This is my new favorite picture.



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