One of Six



Did Elder Gunnerson’s laundry and chilled at the Bird’s for a bit.
We had a good lesson at the Kerrs as well.
We asked Sister Miller if we could have dinner with her family, and she sent out a text which ended up convincing everyone in the ward to sign up, basically. It was awesome.
We helped some Jamaicans set up their booth at a farmer’s market, but they live in Fontana, so that doesn’t work much for lessons.
The McConchies make the best vegetarian meals.
We met a lot of potential investigators, and Rose finally texted us back, who was a person who texted us from us giving her a card. She wants to meet on Saturday! Hopefully that goes well.
I had to cut my bike lock because it broke for some reason. . . . But because of it we got to talk to someone cool. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he’d read it and told us to call him.
We had an awesome lesson with Thelma, and she finally understands the importance of priesthood authority. Fiiiiinalllyyyyyyyy.
People are rushing me.
Elder Jensen out.

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