Lots of Potential

Investigators, that is.

As predicted, all of this day’s appointments fell through. But we did have a lesson with Brother Wright. I don’t think we taught much though.
The Kerrs were not too happy this week, sadly.
Someone said we talk for too long on doorsteps, and so they have to pretend they’re not home when we come and it makes them feel bad. Excuse me? You not willing to talk to us as your fellow human beings makes you feel bad? Okay.
We got a new investigator family! Or, we have the mom, and we’re gonna’ get the rest next time we meet, hahah. They seem like they have a lot of potential though.
We didn’t get to do a ton this day, sadly. But I do know stuff happened. Not sure what.
I had exchanges with the Zone Leader, Elder Schenk.
That was good. He kinda gave me the birds and the bees of missionary work, it was weird. He started out by saying, “So, you’re getting at a point in your mission where a lot of missionaries are younger than you.”
He’s a good guy. Really genuine.
We taught a nice guy who was sitting in this “Christian Science Reading Room”. It was really cool! He was willing to put differences to the side and just listen.
At the end of the day, he was telling me about sleep paralysis nightmares where if you wake up while your body is frozen due to the toxins that keep your body still, you can’t move, and your mind starts to make up reasons why you can’t move, and they’re apparently usually horrifying. He’s experienced it multiple times, along with other missionaries.
We had a delicious dinner with the Donohoo family, a 3 course Italian meal, and ended up giving out two copies of the Book of Mormon that day! One seemed super interested too, and pretty genuine.
Typing is so much easier when you know what you want to say.
Elder Jensen out.

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