A Better Week

So, I forgot my journal this week. We’ll see how this all goes.

We visited Brother McBride and shared the Restoration video with him. He’s looking just as bad as usual. He has four tumors now. I sincerely wonder, in all legitimacy, why that man is alive.
We also had dinner with Brother Hartenstein. Tasty Goody again. I wish I could get lower than 229 lbs. Curse you, food.
We met a kid named Charlie who seemed pretty cool. We’re hoping that things will work out with him. We taught him the restoration on his doorstep, and he at least seemed to get it. Now we just hope work and school don’t get in the way.
Also had a very small Book of Mormon class.
I don’t know what really happened on Friday, if I’m going to be honest. We don’t have any numbers written down for anything we did, so not sure.
As we go on later in the week, memories are stronger. This is good. So, we visited James Dewitt in the morning and sung to him and stuff. That was cool. We also got to help the McConchies with some yard work and such, which was actually very nice. Then, we did some Zone Tracting (a new thing for this zone where everyone in the Zone is tracting at the same time) wherein we got a potential.
Then, we had a delicious dinner with the Blaquierre family, finally. It was funny; they ended up discovering I was a brony and Sister Blaquierre thought that was awesome, but Brother Blaquierre seemed highly impartial. The daughter was happy too, though. I was surprised, Sister Blaquierre being a hair stylist, that she knew what a brony was. She actually asked me, “Are you a brony?” It was funny.
We also had a great lesson with once-potentials Jose and Adrianne. Okay, so this is the third try with a Jose. Can I get some serious hardcore prayers that he doesn’t abandon us? The lesson was awesome, but who knows what will happen?
So, we had church, but before that, we actually had a kind of lunch with the sisters. Sister Weir, Sister Hadfield’s new greenie, is interesting. She seems like she’s been out for a while, yet she has not.
Then, we went to the bells, which was relatively meh.
Had dinner with the Kerrs. Brother Kerr is having some struggles. He doesn’t look like he wants to try to stay active anymore.
Finally, we just visited Bishop and his family for a bit before heading home.
Well, there’s my week. Being rushed out now. It’s okay. Sorry if I didn’t reply to your e-mails, it’s a Tuesday after all. On Mondays, I’ve got nothin’ goin’ on. On Tuesdays, however, it’s different.
Elder Jensen out.


I didn’t have enough happen to talk about this week. I just have two things.

We’ve probably dropped Derrin Wright, because he was bashing with us in this last lesson, and Thelma is being a bit of a dingus right now. Those are the only two investigators we got to talk to this week.
Hopefully this next week will be better, hahah.
Elder Jensen out.


According to a member, Joseph Smith is an archangel named Phanuel. That’s why he said, “If I told you who I was before this life, you’d kill me for blasphemy.” He’s talked about in the book of Enoch or something like that, which this member believes should be scriptural canon because it is in line with what we believe, and also expounds a lot of stuff or something. He’s the guardian of the throne of God or something, and he protects the people who obtain salvation through Jesus Christ. He’s Satan’s worst enemy, and vise versa. Satan hates him more than Jesus Christ, but in the battle of Armageddon, Phanuel will relinquish the rivalry to Christ and Christ will vanquish Satan or something along those lines. It references Phanuel in revelations and stuff. I don’t know all the details.

I kind of assumed he was an archangel, so it makes sense to me, but I didn’t know much about this. He gave some evidences of why it is, but I’d have to ask him again.

Dad:  Jonah,

It’s interesting to hear people’s views on speculation like this, but there’s no evidence of it from the priesthood. I would highly recommend steering clear.
A couple points. First, I’ve read a lot of church history, and I don’t recall Joseph ever being quoted as saying, “if I told you who I was. . .” Etc.  it’s not church doctrine, and if it was true, why would Joseph not reveal it? He certainly wasn’t afraid to die for his testimony and the truth. It’s not like he didn’t make fantastic claims; to wit:
1. He spoke face to face with God the father
2. He saw and spoke with Jesus Christ multiple times
3. He received the priesthood of Aaron from the resurrected John the Baptist
4. He was ordained by Peter, James, and John
5. He translated an ancient language into English with little schooling
6. He received and gave hundreds of revelations from Jesus Christ
7. He saw and was taught by angels
8. He received priesthood keys from Moses, Elijah, and Elias
9. He was commanded to organize Christ’s only true church on the earth
10. He had ancient temple ordinances revealed
I could go on, but you get the point. Given all that, it would have been nothing for him to also claim to be an archangel if it was important and true.
Our focus should be on “How can I understand God’s love for his children?”, and “How can I help others understand it?”
We love Him because He first loved us.  1 John 4:19.
One thing I’ve been coming to understand a lot more lately is how much truth is not mysterious. The mysteries act like protective layers to truth, which truth is much more normal and down to earth than most people care to realize.
I love you, son!

A Very Dull Week

This week was nothing fantastic. In fact, Saturday and Sunday were somewhat negative, but we all get those days.

Elder Butcher and I kicked each other during soccer and my ankle has been hurting (and healing!) since.
Most of the day was spent with me staying off of my ankle. But, Elder Gunnerson seemed like he was going to go insane, so I got back on my ankle and went out and did things. We played tether-ball.
Exchanges with Elder Butcher. It was funny, him discovering that he disabled my ankle and that it was still partly disabled. We stayed up so late talking that sleep fled from us like Joseph Smith’s first encounter with Moroni, so we had to stay up later talking even more. This unfortunately caused us to sleep through the alarm.
However, the Lord is good. He blessed us with one of the most prepared investigators I’ve ever seen. His name is Marise, and he already agrees with almost everything we have to teach him. He’s very philosophical, and his philosophies are in line with church beliefs. We gave him the Book of Mormon and two pamphlets, then came back later that day to find out that he had read both pamphlets and was going to read the chapter in the Book of Mormon multiple times to pick out all the details.
Also, tacos at the Drenk’s.
A blazing hot and humid day.
Also, deep doctrine expounded. Ask me if you desire to know. I won’t put it in this mass e-mail.
Nothing happened except taking down the AP Testing chairs at the church and then got a new investigator at the same house as the Simon family. It was their niece.
Service. It sucked.
Actually, we were supposed to have a lesson with the amazing JosA+ and Maria, but he went to Arizona for the weekend. . . . That was depressing.
Nothing. We had dinner with the Hess family, so by and by, the night was spent there.
It’s a wormhole there.
Alright. That was the very dull week. Wednesday was awesome. but the rest was mediocre. Transfers this week. Don’t send me any mail this week if it might take more than a week to get here, just in case.
Thanks for reading.

Week Week

I don’t know what to title these things at all. That’s possibly my worst problem is titles.

Sprayed a squirrel off a wall with water.
Nothing too eventful. Someone gave us Ilote again, And we hung out with the McConchies and Brother Hartenstein.
We went to dinner with Sister Ragle and ended up finding the recent convert Wendy Jones stuck in a parking lot in front of the exit with a car that wouldn’t start! So we helped her push back into a spot. It was kinda funny. Good thing we went there.
We pranked the 5th elders by throwing up My Little Pony stickers all over the inside of their door.
It just poured a ton. We had a lesson with Kevin, but I don’t know what to do about him.
We taught an awesome lesson to JosA+ and Maria. He was JosB originally. (Get it? Jose? JosA? JosB?)
Basically just skyped home which was super awesome and played some games with the Donohoo family. It was a party.
Alright, well there’s my week. Thanks, everyone, for reading. Time for me to gooooooo.
See you.
Elder Jensen out.

The Lord of the CTR Rings: The Fellowship of the CTR Ring


Freak yes. Elder Gunnerson and I gave everyone in the district their own fellowship character:
Gandalf: Gunnerson
Frodo: Henson
Sam: S. Hughes
Boromir: Me
Gimli: Butcher
Pippin: S. Wall
Mary: S. Andersen
Legolas: S. Hadfield
Aragorn: Schenk
Gollum: Redhair
We contacted a referral named Shawn too. He said that he would “finally give Joseph Smith a chance”, haha. Fair enough.
We finally got to meet with Richard, and he became a new investigator. He seems like he has a lot of potential too. I hope I’m not just saying these things, haha.
A member also bought us ilote right after. Yummy corn stuff.
Brother Farnsworth fixed our bikes, and they’re basically flawless now. It was awesome.
We also had a lesson with Thelma. She’s weird.
Also did some practice for our “Nearer, My God, to Thee” performance.
We literally spent the whole day at this celebration called “The Lemon Festival”. It was just a big festival in downtown Upland full of deliciously greasy food which members bought for us and booths that sold beer.
Easily, the highlight of the day was the performance at the talent show that you all have seen possibly. It was quite the fun thing. We obviously all sung the Latin parts, but as soon as I got up, I began to forget things, even though I had it the best memorized out of everyone. It was awesome though.
Well, the good thing was the fact that we had a deliciously amazing “break the fast” after church. Yummmmmmm.
But, afterward, it was a bit depressing. We traveled to Sister Isis Gallagher’s house and on our way, ran into someone and her kid who seemed to have just experienced a death walking away from the hospital. We gave them a Plan of Salvation pamphlet.
Then, at Sister Gallagher’s house, my suspicions were confirmed. I can’t disclose them, because they’re personal to her, but if you could pray for the Gallagher’s and possibly put their names on the temple rolls if you feel so inclined and are a member, I would be very grateful.
And then, on the way back, we encountered another lady who had just gotten bad news of some kind.
Anyway, there’s the week. Sorry for such a stark ending. Guess that’s how it goes though. Thanks for reading.
Elder Jensen out.

Gregorian Version of Nearer My God to Thee: Missionary Style