The Lord of the CTR Rings: The Fellowship of the CTR Ring


Freak yes. Elder Gunnerson and I gave everyone in the district their own fellowship character:
Gandalf: Gunnerson
Frodo: Henson
Sam: S. Hughes
Boromir: Me
Gimli: Butcher
Pippin: S. Wall
Mary: S. Andersen
Legolas: S. Hadfield
Aragorn: Schenk
Gollum: Redhair
We contacted a referral named Shawn too. He said that he would “finally give Joseph Smith a chance”, haha. Fair enough.
We finally got to meet with Richard, and he became a new investigator. He seems like he has a lot of potential too. I hope I’m not just saying these things, haha.
A member also bought us ilote right after. Yummy corn stuff.
Brother Farnsworth fixed our bikes, and they’re basically flawless now. It was awesome.
We also had a lesson with Thelma. She’s weird.
Also did some practice for our “Nearer, My God, to Thee” performance.
We literally spent the whole day at this celebration called “The Lemon Festival”. It was just a big festival in downtown Upland full of deliciously greasy food which members bought for us and booths that sold beer.
Easily, the highlight of the day was the performance at the talent show that you all have seen possibly. It was quite the fun thing. We obviously all sung the Latin parts, but as soon as I got up, I began to forget things, even though I had it the best memorized out of everyone. It was awesome though.
Well, the good thing was the fact that we had a deliciously amazing “break the fast” after church. Yummmmmmm.
But, afterward, it was a bit depressing. We traveled to Sister Isis Gallagher’s house and on our way, ran into someone and her kid who seemed to have just experienced a death walking away from the hospital. We gave them a Plan of Salvation pamphlet.
Then, at Sister Gallagher’s house, my suspicions were confirmed. I can’t disclose them, because they’re personal to her, but if you could pray for the Gallagher’s and possibly put their names on the temple rolls if you feel so inclined and are a member, I would be very grateful.
And then, on the way back, we encountered another lady who had just gotten bad news of some kind.
Anyway, there’s the week. Sorry for such a stark ending. Guess that’s how it goes though. Thanks for reading.
Elder Jensen out.

Gregorian Version of Nearer My God to Thee: Missionary Style


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