Week Week

I don’t know what to title these things at all. That’s possibly my worst problem is titles.

Sprayed a squirrel off a wall with water.
Nothing too eventful. Someone gave us Ilote again, And we hung out with the McConchies and Brother Hartenstein.
We went to dinner with Sister Ragle and ended up finding the recent convert Wendy Jones stuck in a parking lot in front of the exit with a car that wouldn’t start! So we helped her push back into a spot. It was kinda funny. Good thing we went there.
We pranked the 5th elders by throwing up My Little Pony stickers all over the inside of their door.
It just poured a ton. We had a lesson with Kevin, but I don’t know what to do about him.
We taught an awesome lesson to JosA+ and Maria. He was JosB originally. (Get it? Jose? JosA? JosB?)
Basically just skyped home which was super awesome and played some games with the Donohoo family. It was a party.
Alright, well there’s my week. Thanks, everyone, for reading. Time for me to gooooooo.
See you.
Elder Jensen out.

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