A Very Dull Week

This week was nothing fantastic. In fact, Saturday and Sunday were somewhat negative, but we all get those days.

Elder Butcher and I kicked each other during soccer and my ankle has been hurting (and healing!) since.
Most of the day was spent with me staying off of my ankle. But, Elder Gunnerson seemed like he was going to go insane, so I got back on my ankle and went out and did things. We played tether-ball.
Exchanges with Elder Butcher. It was funny, him discovering that he disabled my ankle and that it was still partly disabled. We stayed up so late talking that sleep fled from us like Joseph Smith’s first encounter with Moroni, so we had to stay up later talking even more. This unfortunately caused us to sleep through the alarm.
However, the Lord is good. He blessed us with one of the most prepared investigators I’ve ever seen. His name is Marise, and he already agrees with almost everything we have to teach him. He’s very philosophical, and his philosophies are in line with church beliefs. We gave him the Book of Mormon and two pamphlets, then came back later that day to find out that he had read both pamphlets and was going to read the chapter in the Book of Mormon multiple times to pick out all the details.
Also, tacos at the Drenk’s.
A blazing hot and humid day.
Also, deep doctrine expounded. Ask me if you desire to know. I won’t put it in this mass e-mail.
Nothing happened except taking down the AP Testing chairs at the church and then got a new investigator at the same house as the Simon family. It was their niece.
Service. It sucked.
Actually, we were supposed to have a lesson with the amazing JosA+ and Maria, but he went to Arizona for the weekend. . . . That was depressing.
Nothing. We had dinner with the Hess family, so by and by, the night was spent there.
It’s a wormhole there.
Alright. That was the very dull week. Wednesday was awesome. but the rest was mediocre. Transfers this week. Don’t send me any mail this week if it might take more than a week to get here, just in case.
Thanks for reading.

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