A Better Week

So, I forgot my journal this week. We’ll see how this all goes.

We visited Brother McBride and shared the Restoration video with him. He’s looking just as bad as usual. He has four tumors now. I sincerely wonder, in all legitimacy, why that man is alive.
We also had dinner with Brother Hartenstein. Tasty Goody again. I wish I could get lower than 229 lbs. Curse you, food.
We met a kid named Charlie who seemed pretty cool. We’re hoping that things will work out with him. We taught him the restoration on his doorstep, and he at least seemed to get it. Now we just hope work and school don’t get in the way.
Also had a very small Book of Mormon class.
I don’t know what really happened on Friday, if I’m going to be honest. We don’t have any numbers written down for anything we did, so not sure.
As we go on later in the week, memories are stronger. This is good. So, we visited James Dewitt in the morning and sung to him and stuff. That was cool. We also got to help the McConchies with some yard work and such, which was actually very nice. Then, we did some Zone Tracting (a new thing for this zone where everyone in the Zone is tracting at the same time) wherein we got a potential.
Then, we had a delicious dinner with the Blaquierre family, finally. It was funny; they ended up discovering I was a brony and Sister Blaquierre thought that was awesome, but Brother Blaquierre seemed highly impartial. The daughter was happy too, though. I was surprised, Sister Blaquierre being a hair stylist, that she knew what a brony was. She actually asked me, “Are you a brony?” It was funny.
We also had a great lesson with once-potentials Jose and Adrianne. Okay, so this is the third try with a Jose. Can I get some serious hardcore prayers that he doesn’t abandon us? The lesson was awesome, but who knows what will happen?
So, we had church, but before that, we actually had a kind of lunch with the sisters. Sister Weir, Sister Hadfield’s new greenie, is interesting. She seems like she’s been out for a while, yet she has not.
Then, we went to the bells, which was relatively meh.
Had dinner with the Kerrs. Brother Kerr is having some struggles. He doesn’t look like he wants to try to stay active anymore.
Finally, we just visited Bishop and his family for a bit before heading home.
Well, there’s my week. Being rushed out now. It’s okay. Sorry if I didn’t reply to your e-mails, it’s a Tuesday after all. On Mondays, I’ve got nothin’ goin’ on. On Tuesdays, however, it’s different.
Elder Jensen out.

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