Two Weeks in One

Yellow FriendSo, this is gonna’ be rough, because I forgot my journal this week. I’ll do my best.

Last week go!
We taught an awesome lesson to Richard Lezama, and his cousins Jose and Alana sat in. We gave them baptismal dates! It was grand.
We met a lady named Amber who was very nice. She had a baby die as it came out of the womb, and she said she was looking for the true church, basically. She seemed very ready and humbled. We’ve stayed in contact with her.
Had exchanges. Elder Henson got pooped on by a bird.
It was my fault.
Not much
Stil not much.
We met a cool guy named Efran. He was super nice. Gave us carne asada. We thought we were gonna’ get mugged, but whatever. He seemed super genuine. We’ll see what comes of him! Hopefully baptism.
Next week!
Not much.
We taught a lesson to some people who got kicked out of an apartment. Homelessness is rampant in Upland. It’s crazy and sad. But, they became new investigators. Hopefully things go okay for them too. . . .
It was our last day ever seeing President and Sister Hobbs in our missions. . . .
Sad day. . . .
I hope President Taylor will be awesome.
We contacted some referrals I guess, but not much special. However, we met a lady named Vanaysha Smith who gave us an appointment!
We taught Vanaysha with Sister Lopez (a newer lady in the ward) and the lesson went amazingly! She accepted baptism and everything. It was glorious. Japhet also took us out to dinner. What a nice gentleman.
We had another glorious lesson with another new investigator named Kaiya. She wants to join the church because of Chloe Farnsworth her friend from school, but we told her that when Preston Farnsworth turns 16 he can baptize, so when we invited her to baptism, she said she wanted to wait a year until Preston was 16, hahah. We’ll fix that.
Anyway, there’s two weeks! Sheesh. That was rough. I hope that’s sufficient for you? Got some pictures too.
Elder Jensen out.

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