I Let My Body Delight in Fatness Last Week. Maybe I’ll Do My Soul This Week.‏


We met Sister McBride today. She lives in Utah for some reason, but basically, Brother McBride got his tumors off, so she came back to visit him. He was as happy as I’ve ever seen him. He’s still got cancer though. I don’t understand why he’s actually alive. He’s 86. He’s lived a full life. I’m just curious why the Lord doesn’t just take him by some other means than cancer. But, whatever happens, it happens.
We visited Maurice, and he explained to us that he had been reading all the material, and especially the Book of Mormon whenever he got stressed. And, he was apparently telling people who’s hair he cuts about what we believe, because he thinks it makes sense. Elder Gunnerson and I both got the feeling that we shouldn’t be trying to baptize him yet, but that we should let him be our conduit to the world for a while. He recommended that to us too, hahah.
We ate way too much food.
We had lunch with the 5th B Elders because Elder Yang was going home to get his Jaw fixed. . . . But, we played Monopoly amidst it, and I’m a world traveler. What does that mean, you ask? Well, let’s put it this way: I had the most money out of anyone, and I only owned two properties. When you’re a world traveler, you can do these things.
We also taught Efran, and he was
Had exchanges with Elder Schenk, which I was happy about again. He’s just a good guy. Super nice and we have so much in common. We had a dinner with a Palestinian investigator. He would not let me stop eating. It was really painful.
Not much. We had a lesson with Kaiya again. It went very well. She’s so easy to teach. It’s not fair that I’ll probably be leaving next week.
Tender mercies of the Lord: We ate way too much this week, but I’m still somehow under 230. Phew.
Anyway, that’s it.
Elder Jensen out.

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