That’s such a dumb title. I think I’ll change it.

So yeah, the second week in Santa Fe ward, and second week with Elder Brown. Man, we’re just two peas in a pod. I mean, I’ve made it a week and haven’t found anything about him I don’t like. I just hope we get to stay together for two transfers.
Just got super distracted. This random guy started yelling at our zone leaders in the library about Joseph Smith, and this other random girl, not a member, just basically stood up and told him off for being a ditz in the library. It was awesome. I thanked her for that.
Got pranked by Elder Brown and our homie Dan. He’s Dirty Dan, guys. No but seriously, this guy is an awesome investigator. Not sure when he’ll get baptized, but he will.
So, that was the first district meeting. It was kind of quiet. I’m sure it’ll get better over time.
We visited Matt Garza, who was an interesting character. Apparently his sister was dating a guy who lit her on fire. Definitely a strange way to abuse someone. Very morbid too.
Did service at the Lord’s Table. Basically a soup kitchen. Some of the homeless people were very humble, but others were highly ungrateful for the fact that there were guys who were walking around filling up their drinks with juice and water so they didn’t have to get up and leave the free food that we just gave them.
Visited this guy named Guy as well. He apparently once attended a motorcycle church once. I didn’t know such a thing could exist.
Shoot, we also had dinner with a family named the Ranjbar’s. We quoted Spongebob the whole time.
Squashed it up once more. What a party. We planted tomatoes. And he gave us some really delicious chili.
Helped our homie DIrty Dan, too.
Biked a lot.
Visited a guy named Otis who is apparently a deep thinker. Says he won’t get baptized though. We shall see.
Also, a lady pulled us over on our bikes and started talking to us about how crazy Hesperia has gotten and stuff, and we taught her the Restoration. It went really well. I pray she will contact us again.
Tracted a lot. People in the desert are so much nicer than in the valley.
Visited Dirty Dan again. He’s seriously our homie.
We did our laundry at Dan’s and played Monopoly while doing so. By the way, his wife is a recent convert baptized by Elder Brown and Elder Weedle. She loves the church and is just waiting for him to join.
Monday: Oh, surprise! I’m writing yesterday because we full on nerded out and got the Green Tree Elders to come play Dungeons and Dragons with us. . . . I was really hesitant at first, but it seems like it’s a really fun game if you don’t have a bunch of weird losers playing with you. Or maybe we are weird losers. . . .
Nah, probably not.
I’ll pray about it.
Elder Jensen out.

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