The Week of Exhanges

Yeah, we had two exchanges this week. It was kind of annoying, but whatever. I don’t want these weeks to go by fast, because I want to stay with Elder Brown.

Anyway, I’m trying something where I write the mass e-mail first and focus on that before talking to anyone else.
So, we really only got to e-mail on this day. Sorry about that.
Exchanges with Elder McLaws. He was very quiet and reserved at first, but he had two interviews with President Taylor, and he said he felt a lot better after that. He seems to be a bit happier now. He was probably going through some struggles.
But anyway, we really just tracted that whole day. We found one potential/former investigator for them and two referrals for the Spanish Sisters.
Also, had another dinner which Elder Paxton joined in on.
We helped Dan a lot, but then had lunch with Elder Wedel and Elder Cloud, whom we then got stuck with at the car shop until 4:00 P.M. Party.
Helped Dan all day, again. He’s moving his sister-in-law around a lot, so he needs lots of help. It should be over, though.
Woke up on exchanges with Elder Waters to realize that I made chicken last night and may or may not have left the oven on all night. . . . I did some hardcore repenting after that realization.
But anyway, the day wasn’t bad. We did a lot of biking and set up two appointments with some potential investigators. Then, we helped Dan. But, after that, we had an awesome lesson with Otis, an investigator (in case I haven’t mentioned him). He basically asked us about our testimonies of the sacrament and stuff, which was really cool.
Not very eventful, except for a few things I learned at sacrament meeting; one of which, I will share.
This involves the sacrament prayer and my realization of the importance of saying it slowly. I had always been told to say it slowly, but I didn’t know the true reason why that was to be so until this day. I was sitting there, reading through the hymns about Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us and the Spirit was with me very strongly, and it came time for the water prayer. Then, as the prayer started, I tried to focus in on the words, but the person praying was speeding through them so quickly that I couldn’t really truly focus on their meaning or the Spirit. It didn’t ruin my sacrament meeting, but it helped me realize how big of a role something as simple as speed during recitation can be for the people trying to remember the Savior.
Well, everyone, thanks for reading again. That was my week. It was an enjoyable one. Hopefully this one will be more profitable though.
Have a good one.
Elder Jensen out.




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