Unholy Heat

It was literally so hot this week that much of it we had to spend inside the library or Dan’s house. It was not fun.

I guess we just tracted and contacted all day. Nothing special happened, according to my journal.
My memory is bad.
Dan made us some super delicious biscuits, gravy, eggs and potatoes. It was one of the best breakfasts I’ve had on the mission. Super tasty.
But anyway, we helped Dan that day with stuff, and then Elder Brown got sick. Not sure what from. But, while he was sick, I cleaned the filthy bathtub. Though the tub faucet was running the whole time, I’m pretty sure I excreted more water from my pores than the tub did. It was a very sweaty job, because it got so hot.
At the end of the day, we went and taught a kid named Kenny from the recently converted Moore family, because the Sisters wanted us to try, and Elder Brown did a magic trick that–according to the face he displayed afterward–nearly made him cry because of how hard it blew his mind. He rated it a 6 out of 10.
We were biking home when we ran into this black kid and Elder Brown got this insane prompting to talk to him, so we pulled up to him and started talking.
“Do you attend a church?” was Elder Brown’s eventual question.
Cidney, the African-American kid, replied, “Yeah, um-m. . . . I’m actually studying with the . . . the Latter-day Saints?”
Elder Jensen’s mind proceeded to explode. “No way! We’re Latter-day Saints!”
Yeah, Cidney didn’t know that we were Mormon missionaries. He’s in our area for the next two months staying with some family and he said we can come by and teach him some.
Literally the hottest day I’ve experienced in my life. Not even just on my mission–in my life.
And, we hung out with Dan. Elder Brown made a disgustingly cool card trick.
Literally everything–including dinner–cancelled. We biked so much.
While we did laundry, we played Hearts and Scrabble with Dan. Dan won Scrabble, but I won Hearts. It was evil. Dan helped me get up to one-hundred points exactly, in Hearts, and when you do that, it sets you back down to fifty. When he got me up there, I was then winning, and he was expecting me to help him get second place. However, the dealing was dealt, and I was gifted the knife of all knives: the Queen of Spades. The card that, if given to Dan, would put him up over 100 points and end the game with me in the lead. So what did I do? I shoved that knife right into his back. At first, I started with a fake evil laugh, but it swiftly turned into a true maniacal laugh of pure wickedness.
I won.
Elder Jensen out.

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