Saviors on Mt Hesperia



Good Morning.

Hit 11 months. That’s some crazy soup. Year mark is coming up fast. . . . Only 26 days.
We didn’t really get to do anything much Tuesday. It was a weird day, again.
Had a cool experience with prayer. It was a good testimony builder. I think I got a bit of a hint what Enoch felt like. Not a ton, but a little bit.
Service at the Lord’s Table was super painful. We were sweating out the flipping wazoo. I’m surprised Google didn’t put a red squiggly underneath wazoo. I didn’t know that was a word. But yeah, it was a sweaty process. The food probably tasted saltier than it was supposed to.
Tracted again in 110-in-shade weather once more as well.
Incoming TMI fact: Our pee smells gross because of how hot it’s been. We get so dehydrated during the day, no matter how much water we drink. Luckily, many people have been inspired of the Lord to give us water bottles and Gatorade and such.
Had a meeting with Otis. He’s a super cool guy. I hope he joins the church someday. He doesn’t want to get baptized as of yet. He’s a Freemason though. Apparently, while I was in the bathroom, he told Elder Brown about how innocent he thought I was. That’s just my favorite comment to get. “Oh, Elder Jensen doesn’t know jack diddly about the world, does he?”
Some members from a different ward took us to lunch and I finally got to use my freaking Red Robins gift card. That took a thousand years.
We were out tracting for so long, and then we had to go to Dan’s for dinner, and–no joke–we nearly collapsed from dehydration. As I was getting woozy and things were looking bad, though, Otis swooped in to the rescue and gave us a ride. Then, we drank, like, 50 water bottles at Dan’s. Man, investigators to the rescue, literally. Saviors on Mount Hesperia.
We also had a lesson with Yvonne. She really wants to get baptized, but she needs to quit smoking. She’s going to try to make the 13th. Pray for her, guys! She needs all the help she can get, since it’s an addiction.
Not much really. A long and annoying ward coordination with Brother Harrison. He talks way too much.
Well, that’s all for this week. Thanks, everyone, for reading. I hope you have a great one!
Elder Jensen out.



Good Morning.


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