Only the Craziest of Soup Will Do‏

DSCN1116Yeah, here’s some crazy soup, guys:

Had dinner at the Harrison family’s (the ward mission leader) and we met this kid named Cody. We got to talking and stuff, and guess what I find out? Only that Cody is a nonmember rooming with Highland 24th’s very own Jacob Osborn! Yeah, pretty flipping crazy. He’s Brother Harrison’s daughter’s boyfriend.
Exchanges with Elder Carter. Visited this one family with a girl who was 14, but she was an unbelievably amazing artist. It full on put me to flipping shame. It was depressing.
We also had dinner with some super nice and awesome old people. They pumped us both up for the future, which was especially good for Elder Carter because of the fact that he’s going to be going home in less than 7 days.
Started out with some Squarsh. Got a Squarsh4Friends t-shirt.
Visited a less-active named Brother Davies. He didn’t talk at all. And I did some awkward things.
Taught Dan a lesson and he started to really realize how true the church is. He realized that his mom was taking the same lessons as him, just on the other side by missionaries who are probably a lot better than us. That was awesome.
Becca, one of the Sister’s investigators, got baptized today, and that was just pretty touching. It’s just a cool thought, thinking that she’s now got the Holy Spirit as a permanent companion, and that she’s on her way to salvation. It’s just awesome.
We also helped Brother Kirby’s son pack some floor tiles into a truck, because he’s gonna’ build a house in Utah.
A huge wildfire was started just south of us and the assistants to the president evacuated us to one of the Green Tree apartments to stay the night. Eight elders in a two bedroom apartment. And to think the zone leaders tried to get us to sleep! Ha!
Whelp, that was my week. It was short, simple, and all that, but fun. Continue to pray for Yvonne, because her baptism is this week!
Elder Jensen out.

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