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So, we had the huge slumber party, right? Right. But, as is the case with all slumber parties, it has to end at some point, usually after slumbering ceases. So we came back from the slumbering carouse and walked in the door only to find that our apartment wasfilled with gasoline fumes. Someone had broken in that night, taken out Brown’s bag, fiddled through it, left it laying out on the playground, then found nothing of value in the apartment so they decided to turn on two of the nobs on the stove and leave.
Yeah. Crazy soup.
So, Elder Brown got an ear infection, which disabled him for a bit.
Talked to Yvonne about baptism, too.
Elder Brown had a medical appointment for his ear, which took all day.
And then we gave a blessing to Yvonne and Reatha.
Squarsh! Jim (guy from squash farm) made a bunch of jokes about how Sister Brentlinger was going home. She had gone to squash for a total year of her mission, so they knew each other really well. He had a shirt for her that said “Go home” a cake that said, “Go home” and all that stuff. Then, Sister Alder took a handful of the cake and threw it in Elder Paxton’s face. That was awesome. It has been compared to Hermione punching Malfoy in the face. It was awesome.
Elder Johnson cut my hair. He didn’t do bad at all.
Then, went to Dan’s and played horseshoes. I didn’t know it, but apparently I’m the horseshoe master. I did way too good for never playing before. Nobody except Dan beat me.
Yvonne got interviewed for baptism and passed, so that’s great!
Also went to Otis’. He gave us flipping gigantic burgers, which probably were good, but burgers get boring to me really fast. The taste just gets really bland. Not a big fan of burgers. And then he gave us a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup chocolate ice cream cake that was probably 167,249 calories, to approximate.
The only special things today are transfer doctrine that Brown is staying with me for another transfer, crazily enough, and we played Werewolf with a bunch of missionaries. That was fun.
Also taught Johnathan, which was good. Had a guy named Brother Colontuano there, who is apparently impossible to get to lessons. But we had dinner with him and just asked him. He came. It was great.
Discovered the Imagine Dragon/Twenty-One Pilots complex. If I have time to write about it, I will.
We went out tracting and found a girl named Ysenia, and I get the feeling that things will be good with her. She just needs protection from the Adversary. I just hope everything goes well.
Alright, I think that’s about it. Thanks everyone, for reading. It was good to e-mail as always. See you next week.
Elder Jensen out.

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