Fires; Both Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Grammatical‏

Where does the phrase “jump the gun” even come from? Don’t answer that, I don’t actually care.

So, the Cajon Pass (fun fact, founded by Mormons) exploded into a huge fire that ate up 30,000 acres of California in a couple days. I got pictures! I’ll send them in a separate e-mail.
The Wrightwood sisters and Phelan elders had to evacuate.
Also, met Elder Gibbons, and he apparently played Team Fortress 2 before the mission! We are both each the first person each other has met that has played Team Fortress 2, so we had a bonding moment.
Talked to a weirdo Son of God who was misquoting the bible out the wazoo, but it was all okay I guess.
And, we had a lesson with Jonathan. Freaking Jonathan, what a superstar. We taught him the word of wisdom and he said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to give up coffee and tea, which was depressing, so we told him to pray about it. About an hour later, as we’re heading home for the day, he calls us up and says that he prayed and God told him to obey the word of wisdom! Yes! Huzzah!
Yesenia cancelled, and I would say that rained on our parade, but getting rain in the desert is fantastic, whether you’re parading or not. So I’ll say that it scorched our parade with the fires sun of Outer Darkness Hesperia.
Fixed the horseshoe pits at the church as a service activity which was, of course, selected by Dan. We then had a tourney, but I did not do phantasmagorically.
Bryan Bernal and Dylan Dunson both got baptized (father-in-law and son-in-law) which was so awesome! Bryan has been investigating for so many years now, too. He decided it was time to be an example.
Jonathan came to two of the three hours of church, which was an accomplishment. Next week, he promised he’ll come to all three! We’re so excited for him. I just hope that he can persevere.
By the way, Dan comes every week. We hardly count him as an investigator since he’s basically just an unbaptized member.
Well, folks, that’s all. Things are going well here in Hesperia, and by that I mean everything is dead, except the Spirit of the Lord.
Elder Jensen out
From Dad,
Well, Jonah, this week marks a year. In fact, on Friday. I’m sure you’re aware.

 Yeah, it’s crazy. Hasn’t sunk in at all.

Just as predicted, this summer flew by. The kids start school tomorrow. We gave them all back to school blessings for FHE last night. We wished you were here to help with the blessings. Maybe next year.

 That would’ve been cool.

How are the fires going down there? I looked at a lot of pictures. They looked pretty bad.

 They’re ceasing, but one burned over 30,000 acres.

Man! That is some crazy soup about the dude turning on the gas and filling your apartment. You guys are lucky your whole apartment didn’t blow up. Did you turn off the gas or call the fire department or gas company? Normally, they recommend you get away from a place like that as quickly as possible. Just for future ref in case the gas bomber comes back.

 Yeah, we didn’t spend more than five minutes in there. We just had to grab stuff to shower with and then got out. Elder Brown never locked the doors, so I took the keys from him and now I lock the door every time.

Did Yvonne get baptized this week? Did anything else happen with Jonathan and Ysenia?

 Yvonne got baptized last week, and Jonathan has some awesome progression I’ll talk about in my mass e-mail. Ysenia did not answer the door if she was home, unfortunately.

The kids were kinda down this week since it was the last week of summer. Sariah is really stressed because she thinks her grades start counting this year (which they do). Anna has been walking around for the last few days saying, “I’m so excited for school to start” over and over. I wanted to videotape it so when she’s sick of school on Wednesday I can use it to remind her.

 Hahah, I’ll be honest, I don’t really miss school. Senior year was easy, but the rest I’m good without.

Joel was really excited this week as the last few parts he ordered for his new computer came in. I helped him build it on Saturday and it’s a nice machine. Now we just have to figure out how to run an Ethernet cable from the family room into the music room (which is now his bedroom).

 Shoot, I never knew he was getting a new computer. That’s cool. It’s a desktop then?

I got to teach high priests this week and did it on the topic of tithing. I had the insight that the act of paying tithing is a window into your soul that you can look through. How do you feel when you write that check? Are you happy to do it? Are you doing it grudgingly? Do you feel love for the Lord, or are you thinking about that boat payment that you are sacrificing? It really makes it easier for you to understand whether your soul is right with God.

 We had a pulpit pounder come to church on Sunday and give a talk on self reliance, which included tithing.

Of course you don’t have to worry about that right now because you are consecrating 100% of your increase.
Mom and I are sitting here in bed trying to wake up and Mom is noticing that Katie pinned a bunch of engagement rings, flowers, and fall wedding gowns and stuff. Not sure what that’s all about. But we were saying how Athen just needs to ask her to get married. She’s an awesome girl, our family really likes her, and she likes us, and she already feels like part of the family. And I asked Sariah what she thought and she said, “I think they’re supposed to get married because every time Katie comes over, Dash just really freaks out because he’s so happy to see here.” She really likes Athen and he likes her. I’m not sure what he could be thinking might be better than that?

 Yeah, Athen should get married soon, hahah. It’s important. But, I feel bad for him, ’cause now that I know what the celestial room is like, I would never take any serious question to any place other than that.

Can’t wait to hear from you again this week. I love you so much and I’m so proud of you. I was glad to hear you’re staying with Elder Brown for another transfer. That’s awesome.
Have a great week!
All my love,



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